Lupus may also affect the eyelids, the ear and the genitals. Another frequent symptom is vertigo; and in many cases there is vomiting, either after meals or entirely independently of food. Davis, for the paper just presented by him. The health of the troops began to be affected very much after the battle; working parties were continually employed at night digging trenches, and a strong picket was continually required. Only three wounded men were found; they were very much the space between the opposing lines was much greater, two hundred and six were found. Stomach: Pain in upper epigastrium; tenderness in epigastrium and to left over sixth, seventh and eighth interspaces. Comments: When, in addition to a low venous pressure, the inherent response of the ventricular muscle is poor, aortic insufficiency does not cause variations of great amplitude.

Third Extract from a Personal Contribution to the Medical and Surgical History of strength was three hundred and ten.

The others were removed at the same time in.ambulances over the river to the Fifth Corps hospital, where they remained in tents nearly a fortnight before removal to general hospital. In proportion as the former has increased, the latter have diminished in frequency, until the past year, which was a productive one of typhoid fever. If, however, we go to work very slowly and cautiously, and avoid any sudden tension of the tendons, we can almost always fiex the leg without special trouble:

After three minutes he became very quiet; the injected leg had become paralyzed. Such are often applied to, to procure abortions, especially if thougiit to be in need of money. Ridlon had found the use of his lateral traction apparatus difficult. In other rarer cases, however, there is actual paralysis, first in the lower and then in the upper extremities. ; and second, the impossibility, on the part of the kidneys, of the elimination of the ether, and its consequent retention Chloroform is, I think, much safer.

' This aflfectibn consists of a series of painful and violent contractions of the voluntary muscles, either of the jaw alone or of a considerable part of the body, while the intelligence and mental faculties remain unimpaired. After the splint is removed, a knee-cap made of leather or strong elastic should be worn, since the dislocation is very apt to The knee-joint is formed by the thigh-bone above, and the large bone on the inner side of the leg called the tibia, below; there is, in addition, at the front of the joint, the small bone called By dislocation of the knee-joint we understand a displacement of the tibia, which is dragged away from its natural position against the lower end of the thigh-bone. The object of general treatment is to raise and maintain the power of resistance of the system, to enable it to throw off the poison absorbed.

Julius Pohlman read a paper on the German Association of Naturalists and Physicians, to the meetine of which at Berlin he was sent by the American Association for the Advancement of Science, at its session in Buffalo last summer.

Hence the inspired air reaching the upper pharynx has a tendency to dry and render inspissate the mucous secretion there found; it lodges, therefore, a thick tenacious plug, which is voided with orach difficulty. Administration of the drug should be discontinued if graulocytopenia occurs. Our two reserve divisions broke camp, and threw up a line of fortifications to defend the threatened point. Sometimes elevations of the skin are formed resembling wheals, and haemorrhages take place here and there into them. These difficulties are equally in the way of success from any remedies. INFLAMMATION OF THE DRUM OF THE EAR.

Extracts from, a Report on the Operations of the Medical Department of the Second Division of the Twentieth Corps in the Campaign ending with the Fall of Atlanta.

If the changes in P were due to changes in the position of the heart, the P complexes at these two points would be of equal height. But five cases of typhoid fever occurred, and twenty of camp diarrhoea.

The treatment, not only of the seizure but of the persistent paralysis, should conform to the principles which will hereafter be set forth in describing the treatment of cerebral haemorrhage.

Berard, in order to remove a stiffness which existed in the knee-joint, endeavoured by force to extend the motions of this articulation; in one of these manoeuvres the neck of the femur gave way, and the signs of fracture re-appeared. The box and the foot attached to it are then drawn toward the foot of the bed with sufficient force to straighten the limb and to reduce any deformity which may be present.

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