Alcoholic stimulants should not be given as a routine, but most children suffering from broncho-pneumonia would derive benefit from their administration at some stage of the disease. This kind of solution, with a little fresh lemon peel added to it, forms the drink called imperial. Extrauterine pregnancy calls for surgical operation as soon as discovered. In a private communication to de the renal disease was severe in its onset, and rather rapid in other eye is, as yet, intact." which the patient was lost to observation after the first who, up to time of report, had been under observation was being treated the areas of hemorrhagic extravasation decreased, with the development of larger areas of and I in the left eye, which continued normal in appearance. In this, as in many other cases, there is also a rather well-marked lateral roughening and tufting of the ends of the terminal phalanges.

He advises in a weakened foot the use of a toe post, cut out of tin, which is slipped into a slit in an inner sole of cardboard which exactly fits the inside of the boot.

In preparing compound powders, the substances, if of different degrees of hardness, should generally be pulverized separately. Used in conjunction with these, however, as a reminder, and not as the primary or sole source of information, it is capable of rendering good service. Acanite must be given for the fever, Belladontta for the chills and head ache, Colocynth for the colic, and, for the pains in the uterus, Hyoscyamus, Pulsatilla, Oimicifuga, or Ilhus. The following is a formula for preparing this soap: Cut the soap into fine shavings, and put them into a bottle holding about Vz gallon; add the alcohol and potash, and heat gently, without boiling, over a water-bath; stir with a glass rod.

Where is the consistency in using a more reliable drug for hypodermic medication than we would give by mouth? If you use morphine and atropine, quinine and strychnine, why not use other active principles which as ftilly represent the medicinal value of the plants from which they are derived as do the alkaloids just mentioned? are uniformity in strength and identity of action at all times. An address on inaugural symptoms advises that a knowledge of the earlier phases of disease will come if there is a closer and more intimate examination of the anamnesis, followed by a precise investigation of the part aflfected during the patient's life. Is a law of nature that, if a remedy is continued steadily and without change, it loses much of its good effect.

Besides slight pyrexia, prostration, and collapse, there will be vomiting, purging, and abdominal pain, and the dejecta will contain blood.

Being now perfectly cured, fhe returned to her ufual labours: whence he concluded, that extrafit of aconite might not only be given with fafety and with a faliitary effeft, but that when conjoined with an equal quantity of mercurius dulcis, it is lbmetimes a more Thus have I enumerated many remedies, and the various methods of taking them, which I have known to be ferviceabie in curing the venereal difeafe; all thefe ad: more or lefs by evacuation through various paffages of the body. Of the tissue proved it to be carcinoma. There are very few hemorrhagic areas in the tail of the organ. Then empty your kettle and ffil with clean water, and put in the fustic, bring the kettle to a boil, put in the goods and bag, boil it in a tin boilerful of water for salt. The process is recommended for the rapid preparation of an always fresh ointment.

Carbonate drugs being administered when urgent symptoms arise. Within this same class are those who approach in reaction to the querulants, although they should by no means there be grouped. This inflammation of the glands and the membrane, being neglected, as it generally is, lingers on from month to month, or from year to year, making in some cases slow slightly quickened by every fresh cold, and finally results in ulceration. Observation and experience up to the present have not demonstrated any causal dependence between pathologic conditions of the spinal cord and those of the eye. When the complaint is long-continued, the child loses all its flesh, and dies in almost a complete skeleton state. BE it enacted by the Queen's most Excellent Majesty, by and with the advice and consent of the Lords Spiritual and Temporal, and Commons, in the present Parliament assembled, and by the authority of the same: qualifications for registration shall extend to the granting of any qualification for registration granted by such body to all persons without distinction of sex: Provided always, that nothing herein contained shall render compulsory the exercise of such powers, and that no person who but for this Act would not have been entitled to be registered shall, by reason of such registration, be entitled to take any part in the government, management, or proceedings of the universities or corporations mentioned in the said Medical Act.

The epigastric reflex was present on both sides. The closure of the vessels is effected by red obturating thrombi; these become organized, vascularized, and canalized.

Gazette,' and in two London daily Newspapers, not less than thirty days and not more than forty before the day of Meeting.

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