Miscellaneous investigation in Florida, Moore (Eduardo). The following is a tabular statement of the number of students in year the degree of Master of Arts was conferred upon Edward Vere Brewer and Misses Catharine Morris Cox, Lydia Lucile Meyer, Clara Lydia Schaaf and Elsie Louise Whittemore.

Books which are autographed by the author are the most obvious type of association copy. ) Typhoid fever iu very young children; with a report of three. Both the ipecac and the saline purgative plans should be abandoned in two days if no change in the condition of the patient is seen; they are rapid or valueless in their action. The popular medical lectures were given during the months of January, February and March and were well received by the general public.

The State, at an expense of less than seventy dollars a year, has raised a man or woman to contribute to its aggregate wealth, and prevented the manufacture of a criminal, the subsequent ravages of his art, and the expense of court, prison, and reformatory for him and his pupils. Wright, the house surgeon, and myself tried flexion, followed by circumduction outward and rotation outward, both with and without the"jerking up." These efforts were made both while the patient was on the floor and when on the operating table. De Moreau de Tours (A.) Le maU; (Stnde his Anturisirte dentscbe Ausgabe von Demctrio Ga. This was preceded by muscular twitchings; the case seemed to be hopeless; but she got over the palsy in ten or Another point was the persistence of anaemia, with all that that implies, including anaemia of the brain. The uterus and appendages had been cut from the pelvis, and the anterior wall of the organ had been laid open. To attain its culture it may use indirect rather than direct means, the influence of effort and character rather than the imposition of forms. The history is admitted to the University Hospital, complaining of great weakness and difificulty in swallowing, and vomiting. The fracture seems in many to give a new local impulse and sets up a secretion of calcareous matter while the softening proceeds with rapid stiides in the other parts of the skeleton, and even in the other paits of the fractured bone. We congratulate our old friend and fellowcountryman upon the rapid recognition which his merits have received in his new sphere of labor, and also upon the success which his surgical skill has met with, rumours of which THE CONVENIENCE OF THE TELEPHONE TO THE SURGEON. Henry divides philosophy into the theoretical and the practical. She made mistakes On admission to the hospital was restless and excited. Cur uncertainties are so thickly strewed on all sides, with an approach to certainty, that I am in accord with those w ho are in a similar position to myself, it is seldom indeed that a consultation does not produce a well-thought-out and probable diagnosis from the practitioner in charge, It is not i, I-,,,f righl or wrong; it is no( altogether a tions are regarded that it has become a saying that doctors in consultation always agree; doctors apart will always differ. It has been argued that, since in matter there are inherent forces and powers adequate to account for all forms of life, the idea of a superintending, governing power is no longer needed to explain the facts familiar to us in living nature. For admission into the Ijniversity Lying-in Hospital, on the moining of The Hospital being closed iii consequence of puerperal peritonitis On iiKjuiry Mr. This was done only for a few'lavs at a time, and when the heat and the humidity of the outside atmosphere were such as to give rise to a particularly unbearable condition in the engine and lire-rooms inside, and when steam had to he kept up on all the boilers, Imt even here I have never been convinced that it did any substantial good, and that the euphoric effect which it produced was not all the good that was not much harm could have resulted from its Admiral Sampson, w hen in command of the San Fruiifisrn several years since, stopped the heel' which came on hoard regularly for the men about become so thoroughly convinced of the go,,,! effect of this order, that they came to the mast and thanked him for having given it. If they are in bed they assume the position most suitable to alleviate their sufferings. It is at the fame time remarked, that fome of the inftruments of the antients could eafily be adapted to this falutary purpofe. The discovery of the wonderful properties of the x-ray could not then have been flashed over the world in a day, and its genuineness and utility confirmed within a few weeks by experiments made simultaneously in all parts of the world, as did happen at the close of the century (

You must be ready to bear your part in helping those whom misfortune has visited, and I know you will not fail in this duty, but you cannot afford to make a specialty of it. The good results of this work are apparent, even when the milk has not yet reached the standard of the commission. The work of this lady and her successors has been of The History of the Brompton Hospital the first wing of the Brompton opened on its present site, had performed at University College Hospital the first operation under ether in Britain. It is necessary to use considerable force, and unless the forceps are carefully made, they easily slip. In the first place the pessary often fails to accomplish a favorable result, and induces harm from the fact that too much is expected of it; it is not properly adjusted, and it is employed under erroneous ideas in regard to the mechanical effect it will induce.

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