The state is without moral right to do a foolish thing, although it mav be legallv permitted to stultifv itself. That principle has recently come into vogue again. Oil of Juniper, fzj; Soft Soap, fzj; Alcohol, fzj. We might also have him sit in an appropriate armchair or sofa so that the arm leans on a flat surface from the shoulder to the elbow. Case of the Battle Creek Sanatorium, and Dr. Nay, there would seem to be a reckless disregard of the comfort and health of those who patronize these vehicles.

What weapons are there in the armory of any school to cope with an The disease is, as I have said, frequently, though not always, preceded by a painless, watery diarrhoea. In the British Medical Kingston, Surgeon of the Mater Misericordiae Hospital, reports a case in which he operated by this method, the man making a good recovery, and walking without a the London Medical Record, discusses the merits of this operation and approves of it as likely to prevent the tilting heel. More conservative surgical treatment promises the better result. With the prevalence of a dread disease like cancer I am sure we should all approach these unfortunate people with open minds, ready to accept the best available method or methods; and particularly is it desirable for the internal man, the surgeon and the radiologist to work together. The child, therefore, becomes rachitic.

This was tender; the skin over it was red; it was about one and onehalf inches long by three-fourths inches wide.

In either case the method of action may be very different. The condition of the spleen was not described. Another condition that occurs is ureteral occlusion due to sudden enlargement of the prostate gland which is most prominent intravesical!? causing a pulling and angulation of the vesical portion of the ureter, and back Of the fifteen cases presenting the too freely movable or floating kidney, with symptoms of obstruction, the majority were in women who had borne children and were very thin. The onset of symptoms was sudden, due to either embolism or hemorrhage. Pollock of much benefit, especially in cases where the expectoration was thin, copious, and purulent.

Stirling, in his paper, mentioned that some one had brought out the direct relationship. In the instance of soft chancre what inflammatory or specific bubo? With the soft chancre the inflammatory bubo appeared sometimes two, three, or four weeks after the occurrence of the chancre, and it had the characteristic pus of the soft chancre. The ulcers, deep and irregular in form, with borders raised from infiltration, are covered with a dirty yellowish or grayish secretion, revealing upon removal a hyperaemic base, The activity of this process causes considerable surrounding tumefaction, which, however, is a sequel to the ulcerative process, and rarely precedes it. Nature's laws cannot be goverened from the laboratory.

We must disagree with the author when he says that they closely resemble the bacillus anthracis. He did not retain the property very long. Dulness, considered as a distinct sign, always has more or less of the quality which belongs to the normal resonance, that is, the vesicular quality. He told me, in an swer to my questions, where he had been, from whence he came, and for which place he started when he left Richmond, when he arrived in Baltimore, and the name of the hotel where he registered, from which I received his trunk before his death. From time to time he had taken chloral as an anodyne, and could bear a dose of from forty to sixty grains with what he considered benefit rather than injury.

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