By the cold bath is, no doubt, very efficient, but only if it is carried out. For the injection of the maxillary nerve simultaneously with the ganglion several points legit to be remembered in this injection. // - although this series is published primarily for the general practitioner, it is so arranged that persons interested in special subjects can obtain in single volumes information on those subjects. Kopetzky, New York: I move that the amend I must declare your motion out of order (review). The younger the child the less chance there is of freeing its bronchial tubes of secretion by coughing, and care should always be taken that the administration of an expectorant, which is not of very great importance, does not disorder the digestion, which is of far greater importance to the maintenance of the child's health and strength than any medicine The bronchopneumonia of adults usually follows astlima or the inspiration of irritant materials, and must be treated in much the same manner as that just described for bronchopneumonia in children, except that the doses should be larger in proportion to the age and size of the individual. We have a number of applications for retired membership, and if there be no objection we will suspend The Secretary read the following applications for retired membership, and, upon motion duly made and seconded, each in coupon turn was approved by the unanimous Miriam Gardner, Smyrna, Arthur Middleton Jacobus, New York City, David F. It is, therefore, administered in general nervousness, nervous insomnia; insomnia after acute infections, nervous headache or tinnitus aurium; gastralgia, neurasthenia, hysteria, nervous tachycardia, the cardiac palpitation of smokers and alcoholics; vascular, gastric, intestinal, whois and sexual neuroses; congestive dysmenorrhea, the vomiting of pregnancy, and climacteric disturbances.

Though investigators now quite generally believe the apex had to be reached through the use of the Golgi method (employed by Berkeley) are hardly to be counted safe, because of the precipitation easily occurring with chrome silver. Murphy has accepted the professorship of Surgery and Clinical Surgery in code School. The opinion of the medical man is based upon the presence of disease in the insured, his hereditary tendency and the relation of environment to the development of disease Tradition has handed down a blank form which, with few variations, the physician is to fill up; in part this relates to the questions which the person seeking insurance is to answer, and in part bo the data which the physician gathers from the examination of the patient. The symptoms of general systemic disturbance, such as a rapid pulse and fever, become modified, the membrane ceases to grow and loses its tenacious hold of the subjacent tissues, becoming not only loose but softened, and speedily disappears. In looking over this second edition we see no reason to change the favorable opinion then formed.


Edenharter in helialf of those who had come from outside the membership of the society for the hospitable entertainment they had received. Service, exceeds the total mortality from all causes among the civil population at the same Acrain, chest and tubercular affections are the scourge of the civil population and yet the civil population suffers less than one-half the mortality from these diseases that occurs in the Infantry, while the deaths from zymotic disease in the Infantry nearly equal the total deaths from chest http affections in the civil population. During the long, hot and weary march that and his waist became so sore and blistered as to cause him intense suffering, but he was bound that the"ould folks at home" and, by the exercise of great caution and avis patience, managed to keep it until he was exchanged with other prisoners and got back to Washington. Another complication seen in many cases is a mild degree of xtomatUis, which in poorly nourished children may become ulcerative. Wynn, of Indianapolis, had an interesting collection of pathological specimens; also relics of early medical practice in Indiana, and a large series of photographs. Indeed, numerous instances are recorded in which children with such mild consecutive pharyngitis as to escape notice have conveyed the disease several weeks after apparent complete recovery from scarlet fever. At that time she gave the following left wrist which she thought was due to the strain of carrying a heavy skirt.

I have seen alveolar abscesses that were called cancer. Cells embryologically, morphologically and functionally different, as those of the liver, kidney and heart, possess certain receptors in common by which their injection into another animal species produces a serum at the same time leucocytotoxic and hemolytic for the blood cells of the first species, and yet such a serum has little or no action on the blood cells of a third species of animals, though embryologically, morphologically and functionally, we cannot differentiate between the blood ceUs of these animals.

Of the two the more effective is thymol or its derivative, thymol urethane (thymol carbonic ether).

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