It was this which gave the peculiar succulent character to the growth, and rendered it so friable. The warmth of the body should be maintained by hot external applications, and the respirations by electricity or the various artificial methods, using as little violence as possible. The picric acid solution is itself sufficiently acid to dissolve the phosphatic sediment which results from boiling a neutral or alkaline specimen of urine. McClintock, himself proscribed and compelled to encounter persecution and obloquy, should be disposed to consider favorably the doctrines and procedures of the Eclectic School. Lewis, of Raleigh, read a paper on some cases Dr. The inner layer is also reduced to one row of cylindrical cells in section, and lines this pigment layer of the ciliary body as an epithelium. Only a be taken as read, as the President declared the work of The next paper was by Mr. The omission of color from the outlines of the muscular origins and insertions of each bone, as found in Holden and the latest edition of Wilson, seems to us a mistake. Leucorrhcea, with its attendant symptoms, was not at all rare in young unmarried women, and every year he saw many cases, chiefly among those who came to the city"to finish their education," so called. It A MONTHLY JOURNAL OP MEDICINE AND SURGERY, PUBLISHED Original communications are solicited from all parts of the previous arrangement with the Editor.

The former caused by exposure to the sun, these varying in intensity from a simple erythema to a suppurative process, and being either acute or chronic in course; and also those milder forms of febrile excitement called by Cullimore solar fever. Eeece did not of cerebrospinal fever in Devon and Cornwall. Left pleural cavity and a small quantity in the right; this latter, however, was nearly obliterated by old adhesions.

HosMER replied, in answer to these and other questions, that the only previous disease was intermittent fever in early life. Harrison writes:" The first person I ever treated for larvae in the nose was a Mexican, a shepherdi about forty years of age, who had nasal catarrh. Certain patients become gloomy, irritable, quarrelsome a short time before the convulsive explosion. The area of dulness in front has become more resonant, especially below the clavicle and near the sternum.

A sufferer from an intense attack of the disease was subjected to absolute rest without any other kind of treatment, and considerable amendment of all' known a number of very obstinate cases of gleet relieved by the introduction of a catheter, smeared with mild zinc ointment, once or twice per day. In both cases, while iodoform was being administered, the blood corpuscles were observed to increase at first until anaemia had disappeared and the normal proportion had been nearly reached; when the dose of iodoform was increased and still continued, it was observed that after a while the number of blood corpuscles began again to diminish. Wilbouchewitch attributes this phenomenon to gradual elimination of the excess of mercury, by which the amount of the drug in the system is restored to the proportion favorable to htematopoiesis. Some months later the joint became enlarged and tender.

Klein, and others, with the result that the tumor was declared to be of a sarcomatous or lympho-sarcomatous nature. Farrar had, however, pointed out that it was the means adopted by the people which put an end to it, quite as much as the measures taken by the authorities.

In the three groups formed, the ratios of hospital discharges to susceptibles were flf, fWr, tsVt) but the incidence of" returns" ujion susceptibles was sensibly constant. Yon notice that this lady has large, full eyes, with drooping eyelashes. Knapp's clinic, without antiseptic remarked that he was not prepared to place great reliance on the antiseptic was always confident of primary union in his cases. " Second: The members of the Medical Board will, as soon as may be after September, nominate to the Commissioners of Charities and Correction such physicians and surgeons as members of the IMedical Board of Bellevue Hospital as will enable the Commissioners to appoint from the persons so nominated ten members in addition to those above named, so that the Medical Board shall consist of eighteen members. And especially does he' protest' against its use by a medical association in New York so far off from what appears to him the centre of the world, of the name'National Eclectic Medical Association.' He appears unwilling to allow that there is much Eclecticism east of the AUeghanies." Such was the general response from Reform circles in every quarter. It had able teachers, but in several of them the love of ruling was too strong to permit of harmony and successful achievement. I do not regard the cincho altogether equal to the sulphate of quinia as an antiperiodic, of the same quantity by weight, but probably about one-eighth weaker; that is to say, it will require one-eighth more by weight of the cin cho to make it equal to the sulphate of quinia as an antiperiodic. All thus far seemed fair, as well as fortunate. If the match be extinguished' just as it reaches the cigarette, he finds another, and that several times, till he is allowed to light his cigarette. My work on the hypochlorites was done at the expense of the committee, and to some extent by what is known as Sternberg's method; but it was taken up of my own accord, and carried out according to my own plans. You will then have to determine by trial the quantity which the patient will tolerate.

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