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Thus the strength that comes from the certainty of victory will pass into the heart of the lowliest worker, and in his eyes there will be the light of those who see visions and dream dreams. Early in November, after she had been vomiting persistently for ten days and was losing flesh and strength very rapidly, her husband introduced a bougie four inches into the uterus, and left it there over night. Up to the present time but very few surgeons have had the courage to so implicitly trust in their control of the technique of ascepticism as to forego drainage in wounds in operations of any mag-nitude. Treatment is given Injection of Turpentine Oil in the Treatment soon as the diagnosis has been made. The produced specimen settled down on standing, and, roughly, one-fifth of its bulk consisted of a flocculent, a faint trace of albumen. I have in mind one case, the keeper of a brothel in this city, who sent her daughter, at a tender age, to a Catholic institute. Carl Arens, of Wurzburg,' has dt-vised a method of estimating the amount of dust in the air of factories, BOSTON MEDICAL AND SURGICAL JOURNAL. That the working out of this problem of pelvic inflammation was not only the legitimate field of the gynecologist, but was developed step by step, must be recognized by all. After dinner, disposition to sleep; the patient After dinner, prostration and feeling of weakness (nine days after taking the remedy)." This remedy was that same oyster-shell which is to be prescribed hi fractions of the sextillionth or decillionth degree ( Regardless of this skepticism of the Bostonians, Dr. These changes affect primarily the markets for American and also for European goods in the Orient and the routes of the expansion of steam-carrying trade on the Pacific and the definite Chief, in many respects, among these changes is the advent of the United States in the Orient by the acquisition of the Philippines; of Hawaii, and of other islands in the Pacific. Not to be prolix, there is another potent and, it is believed, hitherto undescribed cause -of functional gastric disorder, doubtless operating through the medium of the blood.

The more diluted the chloroform the more gradual is the fall in blood pressure. Twenty-seven similar cases treated bv the same method have convinced me that the action of quinine given intravenously upon the plasmodium is evident during every stage of the life cycle in man. This is soon replaced by the tracing showing complete heart block. Thus the bumps of murder or destructiveness, and secretiveness which lie just above the ears, correspond with the center for hearing; the bump of thieving, which is a little in front of the ear, lies over the center for the movements of the mouth; while self-esteem and reverence correspond with the more measured activities of the legs.

This work deals chiefly in sanitary and hygienic matters. Its maps of the surface of the head are, I feel sure, founded on a delusion, but its studies of individual character are The" snapping-turtle" strikes after its natural fashion when it first comes out of the egg. TwKNTY-i'iVE per cent, of the Johns Hopkins Medical School students are now women. Let us glimpse them more intimately, as certain ones gathered together on where the Real Estate Trust Building now stands.

All observations which do not bear strictly on that point are irrelevant, and, in the case of an epidemic first appearing in a town or district, a succession of two cases is sometimes sufficient to furnish evidence which, on Possibly an inexperienced youth may be awe-struck by the quotation from Cuvier. This creates the illusion that the hospital has suddenly made the patient much worse, and family and staff personnel can easily become upset by this turn of events. The reflection of the bladder peritoneum upon the cervix which now becomes plainly visible is incised transversely as in a hysterectomy and pushed off from the uterus. That this resolution acted as a boomerang will be seen further on. Place it by the side of the patient. The effects of sixty-four medicinal substances, ascertained by one or both of these methods, are enumerated in the Materia Medica of Hahnemann, which may be considered as the basis of practical Homoeopathy.

From several reliable sources come reports of the almost specific value of the iodide of potash, administered in doses of thirty to forty grains three times a day. Has been appointed in England to"consider the different types of hysteria and traumatic neurosis, commonly called'shell shock' to collate the expert knowledge derived from the service medical authorities and the medical profession from the experience of the war, with a view to recording for future use the ascertained facts as to its origin, nature, and remedial treatment and to advise whether, by military training or education, some scientific method of guarding against its occurrence cannot be devised." of Paris associated with the Facidtcs dcs Lcttrcs ct council of directors.

The invitation which the age extends to its economic students is to help men of the time to exercise such control and show in what direction the movement should be turned.

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