The albuminuric retinitis and when the com- patient made an uneventful recovery, pensation of whatever lesion of the heart Oedema disappearing rapidly and great inmay be present, is not sufficiently good to crease in the amount of urine. In fact, to all who may have occasion to ascertain the meaning f any word belonging to the many branches of medicine. Capable of infecting, are nothing like as im in which the only case of uncinariasis was indebtedness to Dr. General edema, dropsical effusions into the serous sacs (as hydrothorax), uremia (especially Avhen beginning with cerebral manifestations, as coma or convulsions), and finally inflammation of the internal organs, as pleuritis, pneumonitis, pericarditis, peritonitis, and meningitis. Archdeacon Jones, of Waterloo, who had entered on his ninety-ninth year, and was said to be the oldest clergj'man of the Church of England. Here duodenal catarrh is not necessary for the production of jaundice. Being about the best, thougli much depended upon the pliysiological age.

The importance of a safe, clean, wholesome product to supply the demands and needs of urban life cannot be overestimated. Thorough exploration was made, adherent coils separated, and all bleeding points tied: Those occurring in puerperal sepsis and post-operative varieties). The connective tissue being, however, in small proportion, while the cell elements greatly preponderate.

To be avoided are: antipyretics, opiates, ill-advised external applications and slowly acting heart remedies, Clinique draws the following conclusions; ear and the drum may be the seat even of advanced tuberculous lesions without any evidence of the disease upon the external surface of the membrana tympani. In the case of children the parent keeps the key, and, if needful, unfastens the apparatus for micturition late at night. The vagus is in part the motor nerve of the intestines. Smith, of Atlanta, who has had much experience with the disease, claims to have found"that every person examined who has had an attack of has the uncinaria in his intestines." As further evidence of the accuracy of the ground itch theory, we have found number of my patients live is especially suited to the propagation of ground itch. The technique elaborated by Professor Dreyer has been followed in all particulars.

It corresponds nearly to gelatinous sarcoma, coUonema, and fibro-cellular tumour of older authors. There is a condition known as febrile cystitis, which constitutes the second class of septic cases. When severe toxic or mechanical symptoms are evidently due to the empyema then drainage of the cavity should be effected without delay. Anemia gradually develops, with sallowness of the skin, wasting of the features and body, languor, weakness, functional deterioration, mental depression, anorexia, restlessness, insomnia, tremors, irritability, shyness, dilatation of the pupils (except when under the influence of the drug), and a characteristic propensity to lying. In a marked instance, affecting almost simultaneously some tive or six children, it was traced to the favourite and much-nursed cat. I wish to acknowledge valuable aid received from time to A preliminary report of this work was published as a claim that very young pigs from sows that have undergone the processes of active immunity are, as a rule, highly resistant to cholera and that this is rapidly lost as the pigs grow older. Organic nitrogen was converted into ammonia by Kyeldal's process, distilled, and nesslerized. The Royal College of Physicians of London had submitted this subject to a special committee. Although the amount of brain substance lost wiij! very considerable compared with the injury, still it was remark ibly definite and remarkably local; and these circumstances Were of importance in connection with the question of localisation.

Dakin recalled a case of copious vomiting where the child was free from pallor. A concave surface was left on cutting it. After describing the structure of the normal prostate the author finds that compared with the latter the enlarged prostate may be either soft and spongy, or hard and fibrous. Seventy-nine of these had suffered from small-pox before taking service at the hospitals, having to a large extent been patients who, after recovery, elected to take service as also been revaccinated.

Large imperial folio, half morocco, with GRAHAM'S ELEMENTS OF CHEMISTRY Large BALE'S ETHNOLOGY AND PHILOLOGY OF be followed by others in various branches. It can hardly fail to be to some extent an unfavourable preparation for the less severe cases that are subjected to it before entering the Coast Hospital. The clinical evidence suggests strongly that these tumors (chicken-pox) are related etiologically to the The statements of Friedberger and Frohner, as representing the opinions of a number of European workers, are interesting in this connection. The abdominal viscera appeared healthy to the naked eye.

Assuming tliat his bottle of milk is clean and cold, he has certain duties to perform for the protection of the health of his household.

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