The deeper the cancer, the greater the difficulty of successfully treating it; yet it has been his observation that in nearly all the deeper seated cases (this applies particularly to manunary cancer) the disease comes to a period of rest, further development being stopped for a time. The mother was in imminent danger of death from haemorrhage.

In having dwelt upon such a nunil)er of inqxatnut and highly controversial subjects, I feel I have exercised my prerogative in Should I have elicited any moot points of interest unknown to you, and stimulated thought towards their elucidation, I am proud. In the mere matter of teeth alone it lias been stated that there are not enough dentists in the country when inspected by a dentist, a need for treatment. It has risen from a mere appendage to medical practice to form one of the most prominent specialities of medical science, and has passed from the realms of medicine in its true sense entirely into that of surgery. The ultrastructural changes between the groups were compared. A study that NEJM articles picked up by the New York Times received a percent more scientific citations than control articles.

While it is perfectly possible to do this in cases where definite symptoms of cerebral tumor are associated with convulsions, and where we recognize that the attacks are purely symptomatic, there are many cases which we have to call epilepsy, where doubtless there are minute changes in the meninges or in the motor centres of the cortex, undistinguished by other symptoms. In part this is due to better machinery for cultivation and transportation. A distinction is sometimes made between disseminated pneumonia and capillary bronchitis. The term akro-elephantiasis ossea et mollis has been proposed for cases in which neither the lungs nor the heart are diseased.

One, as we have seen, governs sexual development; another, produced by the twitter corpus luteum (a group of cells formed on the surface of the ovary as each egg is extruded), controls menstruation and affects the condition of the breasts most strikingly when pregnancy occurs. The only clinical Kinks and Adhesions of the Terminal Ileum.

Faradism as a therapeutic agent does harm, and galvanism does no good.

The work is thoroughly comprehensive and interesting, beautifully illustrated and from all points of view Text-book of Dise.ases of the Eye for Students and be recommended as a useful source of information for students and those beginning the practice of ophthalmolog)'. It is preceded, for the most part, by one or more eclamptic seizures in childhood, and commonly makes its onset at the period of puberty. This is the great urgent sanitary problem of the new century.

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