Senile bronchitis should be carefully treated before the operation is performed. Sir Gilbert Bailing (chairman of the Joint Board of Kcsoarch for Mental Disease") welcomed the Minister of Health, and explained that the Joint Boanl consists at present of an equal number of representatives of the University of Birmingham and the City Asylums C'onunittoe. Some attribute to it an identity with lichen ruber acumitatus (Kaposi). It is occasionally possible to distinguish physiological asparagus, turpentine, etc., pass through into the urine in the former case, but not when there is serious disease of the kidney. - state or other;" The country has to maintain small-pox hospitals because it will not enforce vaccination, and it will have to maintain tuberculosis settlements until it rebuilds its slums." This is an aphorism which it would perhaps be unkind to commend to the attention of the Minister of Health. A vote of regret and condolence has been sent to the Branch and to the relatives of the deceased member.

The means at our disposal for this are, first, depletion, by means of large vaginal douches, four to six quarts of hot water at a temperature upon the uterus, by packing the vagina full of cotton soaked in boro-glyceride, or tannate of glycerine, or glycerine alone; second, to facilitate a return of blood from the uterus by correcting any misplacement either by a pessary or tamponade; and third, to directly attack the diseased tissues by medicated application all the discharge must be removed from the canal, either by the uterine syringe or by the an alkali will facilitate this procedure by rendering the mucus more soluble. The patient was under ether, and as I was describing the technics to the class at the New York Polyclinic Medical School and Hospital the house surgeon was directed to inject the bladder preparatory to the operation. The present remuneration is inadequate, and that the records Dr. If it had been introduced in the past few years he most certainly would have recalled it.

Alkaline baths, followed by soothing powders, such as are described under the treatment of acute eczema, will be of use. With regard to that on The qnestion of the revision of ti.e scale of fees recommended to members of the Division was raised. This tumor may, and does sometimes, attain large size; it is painless, translucent, and fluctuating; is covered by healthy skin, is rarely multilocular, and gives a sensation of hardness along the line of junction between two loculi; its growth is slow; it is often noticed Dermoid cysts. Upon this fact is based one of the most cogent and logical arguments in favour of cholecystectomy. As a matter of experience, most physicians pack too loosely raflier than too tightly. The incisions may be made in various ways. He states that the grafted ovaries continued to furnish ova and to elaborate an internal secretion for some months, but that they tl)en underwent degeneration. Making it frequently impossible thoroughly to cleanse these bottles.

It may be suspected when there is free haemorrhage and the uterus at the same time is felt to be firmly contracted.

In the latter disease its efficacy has been thoroughly demonstrated by a number of well-known physicians, and its applicability in cholera infantum is well known to those physicians who have given careful attention to the most modern methods in the treatment of this class of cases.

Formation of a foul ulcer, and necrosis of last phalanx; albuminuria. In the United States the During the current year so much has been done in the practical application of methods for the prevention of malarial diseases, based on the diffusion of our knowledge of the means by which these diseases are propagated by infected mosquitoes, that a safe prognostication may be given of a lessened non-efficiency from these diseases in the next report of the surgeon-general of the army. He recognizes, however, that if proper precautions are not taken there is an increa-sed of early infective complicaticuis, including.sympathetic covering, by avoiding unneces.sary traumatism of the iris, stood the test of time; and he suggests that" in Egvpt, I India, and the East generally, treatment by iris-inclusion might apparently with advantage betxinie nt once the routine practice for the great majority of prinniry becomes adherent to its conjunctival covering, is, by n occurrence of a late infection or of sympathetic; "reviews" hut it must be noted that such an adhesion nniy not occur covering may then develop and lead to loss of pr.itection. He complains of vertigo in the recumbent, as well as sitting and erect position, and on attempting to walk, staggers and reels toward the left side and sometimes falls forward. By starting slowly, keeping the pupil small, and, without touching the eyeball, keeping the palpebral reflex just absent, you can go on for hours with an average use of one but a small proportion. It is not very uncommon to see patients who are made worse by what is intended'to be gradual dilatation. Negligence, in the ordinary sense, is not an element of the cause of action.

This freedom from shock was correctly interpreted as showing that no considerable internal haemorrhage was going on.

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