Trained Nurse Behandlung des traumatischen Tetanus. Convulsions des Fcvimcs Enceintes ct en Couche; Ger.

It Avas evident from this that there existed a partial hydrothorax on this side. Instruction will be given by examinations and lectures in the interval The subscribers are associated for the purpose of giving a complete course of medical instruction. As to the etiology of the cardiac disease, in fifty-five it was directly attributable to rheumatism, and in five to scarlet fever.

Phosphorus necrosis is diagnosed chiefly by means of the occupational history, with persistent and advancing necrosis of the jaw. Rapidly failing vision sometimes foretold diabetic cataract.


The abscess thus formed m.ay extend, and burst in one or other of the directions already indicated. He approved of the remarks of Dr. One gramme of it, with in the treatment of carcinoma, lupus, etc. Their work utterly contradicts the idea so frequently emphasized that the great students of the Middle Ages were lacking in practicalness. Knowing what we do of Taddeo it is not surprising that his pupil should have accomplished work that was to influence succeeding generations more than any other of that wonderful thirteenth century.

Churton of Leeds has found cholesterine more than once as a product of these degenerations; calcareous matter has also been found, even in large masses. The faradic current can be safely employed over the chest and epigastrium, but its chief effect is by its cutaneous stimulation.

Their pupils will have regular access to the medical and surgical practice of the Massachusetts General Hospital.

This amnesia may be complete or there may be curious lapses of memory in which the patient forgets some events and, without any apparent reason, remembers others which occurred during the same period.

Although these branches are principally evident towards the external surface of the tooth, the canals at their origin may be distinctly seen to present Retzius details the appearances revealed by the microscope in the teeth of man and the lower animals. Should choose to publish it, I might obtain information in regard to similar cases from some of the gentlemen who patronize the Journal, and whose skill and experience might have brought them in contact child about two years old, who had an ulceration of the umbilicus, which was of some weeks' standing, and which soon healed up, but shortly broke out again. One in a family may be very ill, while all the others enjoy immunity. The purgatives by the mouth Avere still continued; he Avas restless his countenance Avas haggard, pulse sIoav, weak, and intermitting; he was thirsty; pressure on the distended abdomen noAV rather exacerbated than relieved the sense of pain; the stomach Avas less irritable than it had been; the urine scanty and high-coloured. For this purpose, dissolve two grains in one ounce of Omum Water; of this, the dose is a tea-spoonful. Krause's method, which is very popular, not only has the element of uncertainty, as mentioned by the author, but is apt to rupture the membranes. There is no particular place where extracts could be made, by way of illustrating the value of these lectures. Lation as Exhibited in Two New Statistical Reports, Satisfactory Methods of Performing Intraabdominal Treated Successfully by Operation, By S. It now becomes the duty of the medical attendant to form an opinion on the following (a) Has the patient been really injured'? (d) What is the nature of the injury? (y) Is the injury a possible or probable result of the accident as described? history and the objective signs'? Duties of the Medical Officer examining on behalf of the Railway company should on no account constitute himself the agent of the company for settling the terms of compensation. The problem, therefore, which engineers have to solve in warming and ventilating our rooms is, what is the cheapest and most constant plan of introducing warm air, of a temperature of some conditions of the problem being a supply of of movement imperceptible to the feelings of The second jjoint is connected with the impurity of the air from drains. Instruction by examinations or lectures will be given in the different branches of medical studies, during the interval between the public lectures of the University. This may happen when the stone develops in the tubular or secreting structure; jielvis of the kidney, chronic pyelitis is more character. Yonkers, New York Bar who has already ably identified himself with special research into the relation between the physician and the law, is comprehensive, terse, and accurate in those matters of which it treats. Certainly, the chances of recovery must be greatly increased where the disease has not been allowed to go too far. Their pulses were good, but towards the close of the disease became a little feeble. The spasm and pain would be soothed by the application of cold sponges to the back of the neck, onU' to be followed bj' a period of vomiting and prostration. Characteristics of good sound fresh meat are that its colour is red; it is marbled in appearance; firm and elastic to the touch; possessing a slight but not unpleasant odour, which is especially detected when a clean knife is thrust into the meat and withdrawn; and when exposed to the air for a day or two, it should neither become dry on the surface, nor wet, nor sodden.

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