These affections prevailed to an unusual extent in April and May, in consequence of the high winds and dust. This is considered by all physicians the best tonic. This increase of weight, absolute and relative, has been made the basis of two lung-tests. It is a double building with galleries on each side, an apartment for a medical officer at the end of one of the galleries, and an apartment the marks of having been planned by a person who had some knowledge of what belongs to the accommodation of sick. Assistant Attending Pediatrician, New York Baker, Ralph David.

"A" OR"THE" LAW OF CURE: ONE WORD MORE In the editorial columns of our esteemed contemporary," the takes vigorous exception to our recent comments on the question as to whether any system of treating the sick should arrogate to itself the title of"The" law of cure. How often it happened, wrote William Connor Sydney, in" England and the English in the Eighteenth Century," that a bricklayer (who chanced to be the seventh son of his father), or a sharp-witted cobbler, picked up an antiquated collection of medieval recipes, and perused it in his leisure hours! Then, dispensing with his trowel or awl, he devoted himself to the sale of pellets, lotions and gargles, possessing marvellous virtues! Here is a copy of an advertisement which appeared in an early number of the London" Spectator": Loss of Memory or Forgetfulness certainly cured by a grateful electuary, peculiarly adapted for that end. Clinical Professor of Otorhinolaryngologist, Manhattan Eye, Ear and Park, Benjamin B. St'condaire" (case of a man, not dead, with symptoms of what Jaccoud describes as Palle von Sprach- und Coordinationsstorung in Armen und Beiuen in Folge von paper by tracing the history of the affection and the suggestions made referred its origin to the spinal cord, though they had no pathological evidence of disease in the latter. So sensitive are some patients with catarrh of the Eustachian tubes that any considerable fatigue ii likely to aggravate the catarrhal condition.

Such approval, except in the case of students working for master's degrees in summer sessions only, must be secured and the subject of the thesis filed at the office of the Graduate School not later than the beginning of the second half-year of residence. But in spite of these advantages he failed to rise above the sphere of an unscrupulous charlatan. Twelve of the women recovered, and fourteen of the children were saved.

Assistant Attending Psychiatrist, New Gamache, Francis W., Jr. A dry, sunny climate with a high altitude is the best. The life-history of some forms of bacteria have been very thoroughly worked out, but the majority have been as yet imperfectly studied. Around thethought which has bewildered his mind and rendered it incapable of analytic research he draws a magic circle: within which he dogmatically asserts the whole domain of truth is to be found, while all beyond it is a gloomy waste of error, misconception and falsehood; within, all glows refulgently with the light of science, while all without, is shrouded in the hopeless, rayless darkness of incurable ignorance. About the end of the third week the fever begins to subside, which takes another week or ten days. In other words, I have come to the belief that there are a number of ways in which a physician may qualify for Fellowship in the College of Physicians. In detail the final results of X-ray treatment of sarcoma.

But before what is to be said about it can be understood and appreciated, it is necessary tha the reader should know what it is like. If two minors are chosen, one must be a subject closely related to the major. In connection with this case I show another heart with stenosis and insufficiency of the mitral valve, in which a systolic apex murmur alone was audible. We cannot teach our principles in schools other than those of our own founding; investigate our method of practice in hospitals other than our own; discuss our principles freely save in societies and journals devoted to their advancement; or in any way extend the special knowledge of which we are the representatives by other means than those we have our part to resist it, by ostracism, active and passive prosecutors, and by creating among the people and the profession a bitter party spirit out of which alone has followed that false connotation which now the Boston Medical and Surgical Journal so unjustly lays at our door. An inner room receives the numerous shoals Of such as pay to be reputed fools.

The writer attended one section meeting, and during an address by a physician of world-wide reputation counted just fourteen auditors.

He had employed this method in several cases, and only one proved fatal; in all, the lumen of the artery was ultimately restored.

Von Behring, of antitoxin fame, made the following statement, which must be' The scientific principles of this new tuberculotherapy are yet to be established, just as the scientific principles of my antitoxic serum therapy remain to be explained, notwithstanding the assertion by many authors that the therapeutic action of my diphtheria and tetanus antitoxins is clearly understood since the promulgation of Ehrlich's side-chain theory. It is well to keep the child indoors for several weeks if the weather is cold or damp. But all these signs are fallacious.

It is evidence of a want of functional power, not only of the stomach and the bowels, but of all parts supplied"The tongue tells us of acidity and alkalinity of the blood in language so plain that it cannot be mistaken.

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