The requirements of the Association as regards moral standard, hospital discipline and intellectual linkedin training of their nurses, and are prepared to adopt the uniform course of study and examinations as prescribed by the Association. He thought that cerebral haemorrhage was occasionally seen in eclampsia, because in a few cases granular kidney and the vascular degeneration associated with it were present, and in such cases the arterio-capillary changes predisposed to cerebral haemorrhage. This reasoning was shown to be fallacious; for the direction of the tip at times as it emerged from the lower end of the glass was contrary to expectations. The protected animals, which did not receive any supplemental injection of strychnine after inoculation remained well except one, which had a slight contracture of the right hind leg. Early in the building of the foundations Professor Douglas set out to provide for the laboratory method of study, then nearly unknown in medical schools. Inasmuch as the secretions of the wound find their way readily through the meshes of this dressing, a piece of waterproof Macintosh is placed beneath the outermost layer of the gauze, and the fluids are obliged to pass beneath the entire extent of the covering before coming in contact with the air. Sometimes the trunk was mainly involved, in others the extremities. Until last year it was known as the Charity Hospital School, because it began there, but as it grew its work spread until the old name was misleading and had to be changed. Before resorting to the operation of school surgeons, we "" should always give our medicines a fair trial. Clinically we find that the usual condition is that the foot, with the knee fully extended, cannot be dorsiflexed beyond a right angle. Butler, PhD, author of the report, observes that"the bureaucratic apparatus of rigid national budgets, sweeping price controls, and powerful boards to receive contradicts the idea of consumer choice and competition. His experiments, briefly stated, consisted in fastening a series of sections of the amnion over a conical vessel, the mouth of which was about sixteen square inches in area. The illness began with involvement of the cervical glands two years previous to date. Two or three weeks sometimes pass before a change is noticed; then the eruption begins to pale and to scale less; this is followed by an improved general condition.

The fever increases in intensity; cough becomes a prominent and distressing symptom; respiration becomes difficult and accompanied by a sense of oppression. They are set out in the statement of the original" Medical Missionary Society in China" by its first President, Thomas Richardson Chinese, and afford an opportunity for First, then, western medicine was mediated to China by the Christian medical missionary.

"A portable and complete guide to the proper management of emergency cases, and the best and e.asiest methods of bandaging and applying splints. The Library includes all the standard works and current literature in Medicine, Surgery, Anatomy, Physiology, Hygiene, Obstetrics, and other branches of Medical and Surgical Science; and also the subjects of Chemistry, Botany, Geology, Natural Philosophy, Zoology, Astronom)-, Editions are added to the Liorary immediately on publication.

It was meant for the ears and the understanding of the Board and for such members of the Society interested as chose careers to attend, and for nobody else. When will physicians cease to talk of their" infinite number of cases,"" vast many instances," and the like? How can one be trusted in other matters who talks so loosely in to describe it.

The diet should, as a rule, be generous, and is all the better for being rich in flesh-forming material.

A solid or fluid material replaces the gas-containing structures.

This positive fact is far more fundamental than the negative results of test-tube experiments with extracts of muscle and pancreas." Unfortunately, there is at present much uncertainty about this fundamental"positive fact." which has recently been denied by von Noorden. The tumor became at first firmer, but soon softened and fluctuated at several points. If the pineal gland is one of the glands of internal secretion, and in all probability it is during early life, its abnormal enlargement here, as but one manifestation of a polyglandular syndrome, is of considerable significance. On August to the Congress, and the throng was so great that many of them are reported to have failed to get into the banqueting hall.

They have a tendency to swallow when talking, to flush readily and to sweat readily; skin is moist, there is slight internal strabismus, increased power of accommodation, loss of sensation of touch in throat and larynx. Xo different descriptions of gonorrhoeal arthritis depend on the fact that a uniform type of ordinary rheumatism has not been taken as a standard of comparison and contrast, and, therefore, many of the alleged differences are not essential distinctions, but are simply ordinary acute rheumatism occurring during gonorrhoea, there are three distinct forms of gonorrhoeal arthritis: (a,) The rheumatic form, in which the disease is at first identical with acute rheumatism, but as it proceeds the pyrexia becomes subacute, the migratory arthritis ceases and becomes fixed in one or two joints, where it runs a tedious and protracted course ( Among these, lecithin, sodium taurocholate, glycocholate, oleic acid, oleates, cholesterin, etc., have been tried alone and in combination. The free ends of the stumps were splintered, but at the extreme end there existed upon every hair a dark looking cloud composed of minute cells resembling spores of a fungus.

They are aggregated or disseminated on the limbs according to the number of knots, from six to thirty.

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