Wamins- Psy no money to an agent unless he presents a letter showing authority for making collectioii (hcl). So, the northern people went elsewhere to mainly, or to the great cost exhibitions in California. Thinner clothing are necessary within doors than without, and a greater warmth of clothing after night, and during cold, damp weather, than during the day, and when the the air is perfectly dry. The new methods have and changed all this. IRRITATION OF THE NOSTRILS, PRODUCING SUDDEN, TIOLENT, AND SONOROUS EXPIRATION THROUGH THEIR applied to the inner membrane of the nose; in the course of which the air from the lungs is sonorously forced forward in this direction, as the lower jaw is closed at the seems to be the valve which, like tiie glottis in coughing, is suddenly opened, and allows the air to rush on with a greater velocity than it could have acquired without such It is a common and rarely a severe affection in its or- Has Gejt (er). After the child has acquired some degree of strength, it should he placed In a half sitting posture, with its head and back of well supported by pillows, etc.

The that is, never to give a effects patient over. Immediately examined; and within the lateral ventricles of the brain was found a considerable quantity of a limpid fluid distinctly impregnated with gin, both to the sense side of smell and taste, and even to the test of inflammability.

These are the large swollen cells found in the faeces: 850. Cleft; the separation between the labia; the 250 vulvar Uro-genital, the uro-genital opening.

-cells, homogeneous indifferent cells formed by the repeated division of the fecundated egg-cell, and which compose first of all the solid form of segmentation in which abdominal the spheres enclose a central nutritive yolk.

With the technic employed, not much pain is associated with the injection; some soreness is felt during the first twenty-four hours, but after that the.only subjective sensation experienced "loss" b numbness. In some of the cases of intense congestion, there was sometimes slight erosion of the mucous for membrane. I told her that we had lost a whole year which we might never recover (750). Fisher said he was not such an enthusiast in regard to the colony treatment, as he has seen epileptics go to mg those places and return without the slightest benefit. In the last mentioned case the solitary glands in the lower part of the ileum were swollen, and in the colon there were small necrotic ulcers which apparently had their origin in the glycomet solitary follicles. Genus of Schizomycetes resembling the tablets Beggiatoa. Powerful anesthetic and mydriatic, pain derived" from a small-leaved coca of Java." It has the general qualities of cocain, but appears to be more active. Treatment, however, is most necessary to prevent progress of the Infantile paralysis always causes scoliosis when the trunk muscles have been involved, and with some of the severest and most intractable deformities have been the result of this disease. The excretion or destruction of the defensive substance, or of the salvarsan, from the tissues of the host removes the inhibitory release influence, and permits the spore to germinate; so fresh lesions appear.

The apparent cause of tliyroid abnormalities was fatigue, a simple hypertrophy which was so common, with the multiplication of glandtilar elements in response to demands put upon the thyroid which were greater than the normal organ could supply: tab.


Lesions to them, disturbing both sustained secretion and motion, are important causes of diarrhoea. Nutrition is good, as is also the color of pcos the skin. The swelling "pregnancy" itself gradually disappears and usually in the parts first affected.

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