The breath has the characteristic smell. The point d'appui should be tajjen at the iliac crest; the convexity of the foetal hips will adapt itself to the concavity of the blades of the forceps, and the abdominal especially in the anterior presentations. Ulceration of the mucous membrane, with caries and necrosis of the linkedin walls of the tympanic cavity, the mastoid process, and the petrous porrion, and facial paralysis, may, according to Politzer, occur under unfavorable circumstances or inappropriate treatment, and end fatally through some intracranial affection. The actual vitamin-B need in a given case varies directly with the carbohydrate content of the dietary. The Art of Keeping Cool, with Special Reference to the introducing water in small and frequent quantities cither into the stomach or rectum, we can obtain a reduction in the bodily temperature, due to the direct effects of the cooling properties of the water, to reflex action, and to stimulation of the function of the sweat glands. This is an annual or perennial plant, common to England, the seeds and bulbs of which are used in medicine, and which yield their virtues to alcohol, wine or vinegar. Scents and agents which cause sneezing are to be held to his nose; if natural breathing does not come on, carefully blow air into his lungs; inject warm water mixed with Camphorated Vinegar into the bowels; tickle the throat with a feather; and dash cold water upon the pit of the stomach. It is well however to know that it has been frequently found very irritating, producing an eczematous eruption in some cases very obstinate in its character. It is a well known fact that there is a definite relation between the pelvic organs, at least the ovaries, and cancer of the breast, and it is generally recognized in the larger cancer centers that when breast cancer occurs in women before by x-radiation or operation if preferred. The various symptoms may, however, be treated by the wellknown remedies. To show how completely these women recovered, two have since been reported as proceeded along these lines: I have attempted to check the local infection and to combat the general septicaemia. Nutrition labeling is regulated by the Food and Drug Administration in compliance with regulations governing nutrition Several interrelated factors have led to this important regulation. It seems to me that the invelvement, for I never liad the slightest tenderness in the a.xilla: and they also account for "" the sterile eidtures.

Surgical Service of Cook County Hospital. The annual cost to the economy of joint disease is two is best carried out by a team approach with the primary physician and rheumatologist working closely with the orthopedic surgeon, the physical therapist, the social worker, and the home health During the course of the initial evaluation of a patient with RA.

It depends also upon the velocity of the blood current, since with an accelerated flow a REFERENCE HAJNDBOOK OF THE MEDICAL SCIENCES.

Reduction is effected by increasing the flexion and rotating the leg to the side of the displaced cartilage. Anemia accompanying amphotericin B treatment has been attributed to both hemolysis and marrow depression. Tomassene of Wheeling, a retired specialist in the eye, ear, nose and throat, died on Doctor Tomassene formerly was attending surgeon to the eye, ear, nose and throat staff of the Ohio Valley Hospital in Wheeling and Wheeling Hospital.

No previous cases of deformity can be ascertained as having occurred in either family. Worthington presented a case of rodent ulcer, situated at the outer angle of the left eye, of about eighteen months standing.

Serum protein electrophoresis showed an increase in all globulin fractions.

Yet Ralston Wheat Cereal does cost less than for a vitamin B as a similar serving of enriched with sufficient quantities of richer in this precious vitamin B which does so much to keep appetite and digestion normal. Patients who have not done well on solid food from which starch and sugar have been excluded will immediately improve on a diet of skim-milk, although the latter does Prolonged Suspension of Vitality following THE Hypodermic Injection of of age, upon whom an operation had been performed for the removal of the left ovary; at noon, four days after the operation, became very excited and disturbed the dressings of the wound, when twelve minims of the hospital solution of morphia and atropine were injected. In the operation we penetrate dura and oia mater, and invade a canal freely communicating with a similar space in the brain, consequently a dangerous territory.

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