Letztere Form der Wucherung spielt gewifi nur eine untergeordnete Rolle, "" im Vergleiche zu jenem Neubildungsmodus, den wir im akuten und subakuten Stadium solcher zerstorender Prozesse sehen. Sodann wird eine wasserige Kupfersulfatlosung tropfenweise hinzugefiigt, bis sich das ausfallende, blaue Kupferoxydhydrat beim SchUtteln nicht mehr lost.

The authors have performed a real service, and the book will prove a valuable addition to bacteriological literature, both in the laboratory and in the library. Upon one injection of mercury the retention immediately ceased. The pathological findings lead Cahn to conclude that the hypertrophy is due to a true neoplasm originating in the glandular epithelium of the organ. Furthermore, milk in the poor districts is never properly protected. Of The mortality figures for the two classes are alcoholic pneumonia. In this part of the test a sugar-containing urine shows a different action from that free from sugar; it dissolves much of the copper salt with a deep blue color, while normal urine dissolves but little thereof and in consequence assumes a dirty green color. LUNATIC ASYLUM AT COLNET HATCH. Where large bodies of water, the drainage of which is too expensive for private enterprise, are in question, the department hopes to enhst the assistance of the proper city authorities, so that there need be no reason why the plague of mosquitoes and malaria in the suburbs of New York, should not be entirely removed. Another peculiarity in these seen them at five years of age no taller than other children of two years old; but, though they do not increase in height, they augment in bulk, being exceedingly firm and brawny. After this experience the immunizing injections were resumed, and no further cases of diphtheria have occurred. The resulting somewhat rigid dressing is allowed to remain a week, when it is removed in order to make sure of the good position of the parts, then reapplied and left for another week. External surface coarsely granular and studded Pancreas, stomach, and intestines normal. Both ventricles were hypertrophied, the left being the larger and its walls the thicker. Numerous other instances might be mentioned where the character of a literary ago is due to the exertions and writings of a few individuals; but it is needless to enumerate tliem, as we have seen enough to cstabhsh the fact; and this fact is to us of most serious import and of the deepest interest, m so far as we leam fi-om it that, careful with what end the labour is performed; for, unconsciously to ourselves, we may give a wrong direction to the Uterature of medicine, and tlius retard its progress; or, on the other hand, we may, by labouring with care and circumspection, and by combined efibrts, give a valuable which we live, and assist in bearing on I have endeavoured to show that, in order to raise and perfect the science of medicine, we must first determine its exact present condition. A sound large enough to distend the urethra stretches the infiltrated tissue and causes small tears in its substance beneath the mucous membranes. If the attack is prolonged, the drug should not be continued, as its benefit is confined to the early, sthenic stage. The collection of pus in the endolymphatic spaces is called endolabyrinthitis, and that in the perilymphatic spaces as perilabyrinthitis. At the last Exeter Assizes, a trial took place before Mr. His conclusions were as follows: As far as their effect upon the kidneys are concerned Schleich's anesthetic mixtures and anesthol are most dangerous, ether comes next, producing aspecificeffect on the kidneys, chloroform is less hard on the kidneys, and nitrous oxid affects them least. Landsberg, who states that in ten instances in which he has thus been compelled to have recourse to the Cesarean section the children were all found to be dead. Then a little of the urine is added and again heated. Secure statistics as to the number of cripples in this statistics would not contain the actual number, as many did not wish to class themselves as cripples. The liead and remaining portiou of the body being removed, the placenta was found also without the nterus within the cavity of the abdomen, and the uterus contracted to about the size of a small cocoa-nut. Moreover, it does not undergo absorption during emaciation, though most of the subcutaneous fat of the cheeks may have disappeared. The authors believe that the granules in the white cells are zymogen granules which decrease in number and size during feeding owing to their exhaustion in the processes of nutrition of the individual cell.

That the impulse does not arise in the auriculoventricular tissue of Kieth and Flack seems now to have been proved.

These were the essential or characteristic symptoms by which it was known that the disease was sweating-sickness: besides these, there were various accessory symptoms. Usually, vision is not at first interfered with. It was not very tightly stretched, and could hardly be said to constrict the coils of intestine over which it passed, but was quite capable of doing so if the intestines were this band a coil of small intestine was perceived bent upon itself!tt a somewhat acute angle, very partially engaged portion of its circumference slightly projected within the opening; but there was no obstruction to the passage of faecal matter along it. The treatment of malignant diseases of the larynx in general has received considerable attention in recent years, and great advances have undoubtedly been made in this respect.