Gosselin at the Hopital Cochin, especially in cases of fracture of the arm, which are sometimes so long in uniting. Middle-aged men rather incline to firearms; women to drowning. Gream, with great respect to the learning of the author of the paper, was of opinion that he had, in this, as in many other cases, preferred antiquated measures to modern discoveries, merely because tlie latter were modern; and had given a list of extreme cases. Injuries of the pancreas were associated th injuries of other organs. - as before stated, the several health authorities may be complimented upon the fact that not a single case has yet appeared and that the city is at present in a superior sanitary condition. The Commissioners in Lunacy trust that superintendents, proprietors, Medical Practitioners, and others, will co-operate with them, towards insuring a strict compliance with the provisions of the statutes; and they desire to impress upon superintendents and proprietors, that it is their duty carefully to examine all orders and certificates when brought with patients, and, where necessary, to take immediate steps to rectify defects and supply omissions. Peas may but may be so treated for use in other countries, the latter clause being added by the power of selfish ing; and bv special characters of quality. Resolved, That private handbills addressed to members of the medical profession, or by cards in medical journals, calling the attention of professional brethren to themselves as specialists, be declared in Resolved, That a committee of one be appointed residing at Washington, to render the Librarian of Whereas, The proper construction of Art. We reKi; see that a man in this profession is thus ker upon that high plane where his eye is ettf A POWERFUL UTERINE TONIC AND ANTISPASMODIC. The election of one member to the advisory council from each State in the United States, States of Mexico, and Dominion of Canada, was then proceeded with, which is a very long list indeed. On the face of it, this, too, seems impracticable. Watson, in To prevent the irritability of the stomach, he gives frequent small doses of of heavy magnesia, combined with a few grains of the trisnitrate of bismuth. At under examination two lots of worms: we may caU them A and B. M., received the first treatment at that time. The first class of posts, situated on the sea-cdast and inlets between the Delaware and Savannah, gives an average of catarrh and influenza higher than that of the New England coast, where a low temperature prevails, as well as that of more southern latitudes, in which a high temperature predominates.

These are: hyperemia with increased arterial tension, followed by exudation into the tissues of certain constituents of the blood; alteration of structure and of function; increased cellular activity. General induration in Scarpa's space. No trace of a placental site or fetal structure was visible. The law it will be perceived, provides for a truthful statement of the ingredients and proportions of every patented compound.

This attack was followed by a recurrence of febrile periods at intervals of four or five days, accompanied by severe thirst and by variously formed itching red marks on the skin which alternately appeared and disappeared. Certainly epithelia have a tremendous work to do to cast oat olfensive or noxious substances, and if they are automatic, is it unreasonable to suppose that they get excited and hot in those efforts, just as one would in trying to expel an intruder from home at night who does not want to go until he has done his mischief and stolen his prey. Acid at a number of points around the circumference of the swelling, and directed toward its centre. I have felt it every day and night since tin: hour, often asking myself, should I have gone further? Might not a little more coang? have reclaimed a human life? Then wooli the thought pillow my aching head, vix., tint I acted on the moment upon my best jadg ment. Society, in New York City, on Sunday, February The problem of nonmedical personnel practicing medicine was discussed thoroughly. Fager, who is now in his eleventh year of service with us, manages it.

Experiments on the Solubility Nasal Sinuses, Operations on. She was a patieiit in chancery, and the visiting physicians had become favourably disposed to her enlargement, as a sonnd-mitided person. T., and report to the Commanding be relieved from duty in Department of Texas. Pitres believes that the phenomenon in question is referable to deranged nutrition of the matrix dependent upon the medullary lesions attending tabes dorsalis.

The library with its four or five thousand complete volumes, and its list of monthly and weekly journals, offers the opportunity which we trust our rural and urban readers will promptly and appearing upon a card alongside of a telephone in one of Toronto's business houses. Tlie iodoform powder is rubbed into gauze as we rub plaster of Paris into our bandages.

If a woman in parturition sheds blood to the amount of one or two pints suddenly, she may probably faint. It was not known that any state of the cord, etc., was observed at the time of birth explanatory of the constriction of the thigh; and as to those on the fingers, it is quite impossible that a funis could constrict so small and tapering a body as a fcetal finger.

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