The innominate arose from the left side of the arch, and the common carotid and subclavian The position of stomach was reversed, the cardiac end lying to the right of the median line, and the pyloric end to the left. Knowingfrom experience how prone she was to inflammatory attacks of the eye, I had her bled largely, and cupped from the back of the neck, placed her immediately upon low diet, and gave brisk purgativi medicines; but, although this plan of treatment was followed up most vigorously, no improvement of vision ensued; Mfrcury was now used very actively, and as soon a."! it caused salivation tlie affection began to give way, and slie recovereii iier sight perfectly.

Instead we may have an abnormally short anoestrum, an -them the cycle may be repeated two or three times and then a long (several months) anoestrum intervene. Indeed, there is no more serious mechanical strain in the entire system.

The evil has been growing to some extent in Chicago, but has not become very popular with either I have had the proposition put up to me several times during the last eighteen years, and always by a man who would not inspire much confidence in anyone. Such sparring for a small prize temporarily blackens the eye of surgery, for, though he may not know it, conservative surgery is the natural opponent of the casual operator. Tonics for the heart and nerves must be administered, but care and judgment must be observed in their use, for these is grave danger of stimulating the heart beyond its Digitalis and strychnine are powerful drugs, and their effects must be watched constantly. Valuable contribution to military medicine in that it calls attention to a comparatively little appreciated but profoundly essential feature of medico-military work. The effect of hot, humid, foul air is to relax this membrane and to dry the natural secretions, thus favoring infection. Thus a coil with long windings md a heavy core must be worked at a lower rate of interruption Jian is permissible with a short coil, if it is wished to keep the waves of current separate.

I have adopted this mode of proceeding in many instances, and the result has been, in all cases, complete, as far as the liberation from irritation goes.

If all men were religious or even strictly moral beings, there would be no occasion for such legislation; or if all who sell these agents would voluntarily (supposing the case to be always practicable, which, without legislation it is not) take the precautions advocated, legislation would be unnecessary; but such events are at the present time impossibilities; and since the wicked still exist, and may with facility obtain arsenic, strychnia and corrosive sublimate, the most generally known poisons, and since the possession by them of these substances is dangerous to the public good, is frequently attended with fatal consequences, and, since no means of correcting the evil but by legislation is left, it should But it is urged by some, (who sell poisons,) that such an enactment would invade private rights. Other, idiopathic, a nervous or catarrhal flux from the great intestine, which may occasion death, without leaving any material morbid appearances. THE RED CROSS SOCIETY OF JAPAN.

Through the courtesy of Barons Ishiguro and Hashimoto, I was privileged to inspect every department, as well as the military The central office is a capacious, well lighted and luxuriously furnished room. I shall only touch upon the most salient features which are of importance in understanding the pathological process, which is undoubtedly due to the invasion of the structures by immense hordes of micro-organisms. Complains also of pain in the right knee and ancle, both of which are somewhat swelled and exceedingly painful on the slightest pressure. In my own work on express a doubt whether the injury could be diagnosed in cases where the visceral pleura is not ruptured, and the present case is the only one I have seen in a long hospital experience in which the diagnosis was made, and even here it was render the case worth a record; but there is another feature in it of peculiar interest, viz. Mice exhibit a greater tolerance.

The former class of cases were observed to occur thus:" A woman in good health makes a sudden or violent effort, or falls on the breach; she feels at the time a crack and a painful sensation in the lower part of the abdomen. Both have made a wonderful recovery. The experiments showed that the proportion, as regarded equal in strength to a preparation obtained from one gram of leaves A states than until comparatively recently high blood pressure has been considered an indication for active therapy, rather than a compensatory process demanding treatment of the underlying condition.

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