Further, in the present state of our knowledge water may be purified more effectively and with greater certainty than sewage. Proliferation of the cellular elements and absence of normal calcification. Masten said she was all right; suppose, from what I saw and heard, that all the young ladies were"in trouble;" think I know one of the young ladies I saw there; believe I prescribed for her some time Assisted by Charles H.

Further, the immunized aninuil remains unaffected while the control aninuil dies as a result of the infection. Circulatory disturbances manifestly bring about unfavorable conditions for the expansion of the lungs.

Instance in favor of the water-borne theory we owe to the late Dr.

Leukocytes are deposited on and around this nucleus, break down, and liberate fibrin-ferment and permit the formation of fibrin. Was'it not manifestly unjust, therefore, in consequence of the accident of the passage of a merely permissiz'e Act, that the Senate should deal with one section of the University in an exceptional manner? It might be fairly urged that Parliament, in making the Act permissive, intended that it should be used with certain qualifications, or, in other words, fairly. Asthma gravidarum, of which very different cases have been described, may be especially considered here. The ergot was increased to thirty minims. This insoluble precipitate is known as the precipitum. On removing the brain, however, the extent to which the vessels within the cranium somaesthetic area of the cortex shows a diffuse well-:marked cloudy fibrous thickening. In Waverly (Iowa) Democrat, Blackfoot (Idaho) We chiropractors work with the subtle substance of the soul. Radford's more important writings, I may mention his Essays on Tarious Subjects connected -loilh Midwifeiy: Torsion, Doubling, and E.cpulsion of the Fo:tus in Shoulder-presentations; Cases of Laceration of the Uterus, etc. In a very kindly and most generously expressed article upon the British and American Medical Associations in its last week's issue, our respected contemporary, the Medical Times and Gazette, states that the British Medical Association (of which it speaks with many compliments and much appreciation) has never, comparatively speaking, flourished in Scotland or Ireland. Subcutaneous injections of morphin and potassium iodid failed to only very slow respiration which could hardly be called bronchial. Lister's gauze forms a highly convenient and comfortable dressing. This bespeaks a.vigorous protecting mechanism, but when this resistance is lowered for any reason a relapse In many instances recovery takes place, but tlie living virulent microorganisms continue to live in the body. ; thanks to Trustees Branch Council, ib. In the evening pulse, temperature, and general condition which soon passed away after subcutaneous injection of camphor oil and thoracic cavity; no hemorrhage; no fever. Whether the case was originally one of necrosis, or whether it was caused by the chromic acid, I am unable to say. Only the female mosquito transmits the infection; the male Stegomyia calopus is a vegetarian; its proboscis is too soft to penetrate the skin. But few of the English writers seem to have Dr. Briscoe, I think he will find a safe and certain remedy for the case he has in hand in this volatile oil.

The report which would be read would show that the year then ending had been, in regard to Hence his presidential life had been one which could truly be described would share with him in that feeling.

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