The abdomen, on inspection, looks symmetrical. Eventually, however, enough of the proliferating bacilli may work their way out to the surface of the lesion, there to multiply more rapidly and spread to other areas of the lung. Zinc oxide, soluble cutal, has been used in tlie treatment of second-degree burns, as follicular throat affections, in catarrhal metritis, in hemorrhoids, and in combination of aluminum, boric acid, and tartaric acid. There is scarcely any doubt that this inability is directly due to alterations of the sensations of the soles of the feet. I well remember an inveterate smoker who was under my treatment for this affection. A NEW METHOD FOR DETERMINING THE RELATIVE STABILITY OF A SEWAGE, EFFLUENT, OR Putrescibility of Sewages,"' I mentioned briefly the j)ossibility of obtaining accurate information on the biologic-oxygen-consuming power of a sewage by means of the addition of definite amounts of saltpeter. I have seen such a professor, after a busy day, bolstered up in bed"bucking up" for the next morning's recitations. When the granules are carefully washed through several changes of sterile salt solution and smears are made therefrom by crushing, four kinds of organisms are always seen: namely, cocci, spirilla The cocci belong to the streptococcus group. He has disposed of the Linton Hospital. But, in the habitual mouthbreather, it is not uncommon for wrinkles, or crow's feet as they are frequently called, to make their appearance around the external comers of the eyes when they should be in the hey-day of womanhood or manhood. The anastomotic opening was narrowed so that it only who had a crater-like ulcer adherent to the pancreas on the posterior wall of severe abdominal pain. There were no pathologic The spinal fluid showed a slight increase in the protein but was otherwise normal. These headaches were accompanied eyelids and right side of face, as well as by nausea and vomiting. Bunting and Yates have strongly recommended early excision of all accessible diseased tissue as well as of any foci of infection that may be discoverable, applying afterward also a:-rays or radium to lesions inaccessible to surgery and making use of such dietetic-hygienic measures as may increase the resistance of the patient. This will operate to the advantage of the public, the profession, and the plan of advise the doctor if the subscriber member Test of Experience.

In the last, and one may fairly say in the majority of cases treated by the posterior no-loop operation, the improvement was rapid, whilst eructation, vomiting, and pain were not seen at all from the time of operation. A great deal of scar tissue was encountered, which made the dissection more difficult. Consequently, it could be assumed that this boy would have become delinquent even without a physical handicap, particularly at the age of puberty when marked changes in behavior occur even under normal conditions.

Through available means of public instruction such as school texts and films, periodicals, radio and press, the profession should freely and authoritatively reiterate the gospel of preventive medicine in its widest sense (including personal hygiene, both mental and physical). Tells him what is right and what is wrong, and a code of ethics of the medical sciences is gradually being evolved, over the entire world, which as time goes on will prove more effective, more beneficent in its results, and be more respected than the deliberations of any peace conference," Kolle, in of experiments on man.

The organism was isolated from the tonsil at the height of the attack in one case.

Kidneys and adrenals: No marked change. That such is the case is further suggested by the facts that iodine, the active constituent of the thyroid secretion, and its salts, as shown by Henrijean by Wood, loc.

Though tentative, highly optimistic conclusions appear warranted, the announcement stated. The test taken before rising, and the exercise In order to test the mental effects of alcohol, dotting machines were used for"attention" and lists of related words for"memory." It was found that the general effects of alcohol were to deteriorate these powers except under certain fatigue conditions, when alcohol improved both powers; opium, on the contrary, im proved both powers, whether under normal or fatigue conditions. Thornton? also states that plant and animal cells have opposite electrical charges, animal cells being result in a mutual discharge, from which fact he concludes that the charge is not in or on the cell membranes, but in the cytoplasm. In other compartments, without cuspidors, spitting and smoking should be alike prohibited under penalty.

The results of this study bring out the geographical difference in calcium deposition and also demonstrate that this calcium does To demonstrate further the difference in calcium deposits and tuberculin sensitivity, the results in Kansas City and Minneapolis are shown. Aristotle, references to dentistry among ancient Greeks in works of, Od, right, complete paralysis following severe tearing lesion of -upraclavicular part of Army in India, reduction of syphilis in, Laryng.

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