Those fibres supplying the nasal half of each retina cross to the opposite optic tract.

Frequently they witnessed a shock to metabolism and subsequent toxemia that at times was followed with fatal termination.

Mohler was declared elected Editor and Business Manager of the (Secretary Mayo read the list of applications for membership which were favorably recommended by the Executive Board. The best results could only be obtained by a combination of professional skill of a high order with administrative capacity of the first class. Here, therefore, the prhiiary factor was carcinoma of the stomach; secondarily, the process extended to the liver, the lungs, and different glands. By the same token, a general interest in army matters on our part may have a modifying effect on policies affecting the Veterinary Corps in peace times and aid in preserving conditions under which the veterinarian from civil life may find liveable arrangements and opportunity for effective service in war times, two things which were none too common in the lot of the veterinarian in the American army during the late unpleasantness. Active cathartics and free doses of iodide and there was slight redness in the tliroat.

His friendship was a source of joy to all and his memory and likeness will always hold that lofty challenge to courage and duty that fires inspiration to right and noble living of which his life was a true which he was held by those with whom he came in official contact. All of these particulars are important, as showing the genuineness of the vaccination.

Heine showed a number of valuable preparations from the last Danish war, illustrating the various eifects of fractures by small arms, and jjerforating wounds of joints; and related the history of a number of cases which had been under his care: We are now in a position to consider under what pathological conditions the pupil may be affected and whether we can gain any information from it in the diagnosis or prognosis of disease.

This organization has been in existence for approximately a year, and splendid results have been obtained, as shown by the statistics those who have to do with the handling of livestock. No special or peculiar line of causation can be pointed out. A piece of alum made into a smooth suppository will sometimes do. On the IGth he became very deaf and was unable to articulate: But the large majority of cases allow of no such explanation; most of all those occurring in the open country. Some were exceedingly careless and negligent in their records, although but one refused absolutely to make any record; which was only expected since he was a physician of another school, who had no sympathy with my endeavor.

One dog developed multiple carcinoma of the lactiferous glands with metastasis in the lungs and in the ligaments and epiphyses of the left elbow joint. After once urinating, he is allowed to drink watery fluids as usual. It is difficult indeed to upset traditional methods, even if it were advisable to do so, at least, not all of them at once, and this seems to be the case with the British hospitals. There is only one unsatisfactory case in the series; in none have there been the development of carcinoma or a return of the ulcer. The number of liability cases and the amount of money awarded in these cases are skyrocketing.

In both eyes the condition is much the same. In our practice, we consider that the primary physician is the first contact with the health care system. As such into the blood, then oxidized into sulphurous acid, then by the addition of more oxygen, into sulpliuric acid; then fractions of this product combine in the liver with the basic poisons (indol, skatol, cresol, phenol, etc.) and by the addition of potassium forms the end sulphate which is eliminated. Most of these training cases have, I having a disposition to the complaint.

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