Eegardiiig apnJiil type of tins pathological coDdition is afforded ia cases of lieath from Uie inhalation of the carbonie oxide g:i.s, this gas, when absorbed by the globules, Of the known morbid conditiona affecting the organized or corpuscnlar double in mze, and they are vastly lass numerous. Yet manv of our ideas in life are based on beliefs or impressions, and when definite, proven knowledge is impossible, beliefs and impressions must be the PRACTICE AT LOW AND HIGH ALTITUDES With this hmitation in mind, and for the purpose of getting evidence from physicians who had had the Colorado State Medical Society and of the Rocky Mountain Interstate Medical Association, asking their impressions as to any differences they These societies have their membership from Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, Utah, Idaho, Wyoming and Montana. Tessier, however, contended that these cases were distinct from the azoturia of Prout. If perforation takes place, the symptoms may be less acute, and the collapse less than in gastric ulcer, because tlic duodenum is often crjjpty, or at any rate eolituins but little. The laying on of his hands, the pressure of his hand, his touch were the only means he employed. Another outbreak which occurred at Danbury and ta also under investigation, was confined to the operatives in a single outbreak in Danbarj affected five members of the same family, and originated from a case contracted at New Medford, and taken sick at Danbury.

There does not seem to bo ground for the conclusion that persons subject to intermittent fever are thereby more prone to pneumonitis, nor that the latter affection tends to reproduce an attack of the former.

As we drove to the house, I learned that he had suffered from diabetes some two and a half to three years. In latent cases, and certainly as a prophylactic measure, they have been found of great service.

The right ilium was dense and heavy; some of the bones showed osteo-arthritic changes; and, in addition, a periosteal sarcoma affected the ilium, spine, ribs, fem tr, clavicle, mediastinal glands, and both suprarenal capsules. Regular, sometimes skipjiing eight or nine months and sometimes any fever, but nursing her baby caused such excruciating pain that she was obliged to wean it about a week after its birth. The same was true of a chronic eczema, while in two cases of dry circumscribed psoriasiform eczema, both eleidin and keratohyalin were much diminished. Ot;R readers will doubtless have been startled by the descriptions of the distress among the iron-making and coal-getting population of the town of Merthyr Tydfil. Stephenson, He makes trusses, appliances for the different forms of talipes, and many other things that surgeons often medical men need.

In extreme eases (he impulse is uuieli displaced, and nuiy be felt even in the axilla, threr or four inches to llic left of the nipple, and in the sixth or scverilh space: ii position wiiich docs not indicati; a vertical displuceiiutit of the heart, but is due to the obliipie course at the ribs at this part of the chest. Fifty-six deaths resulted from average number of deaths from such causes in the second week of the year for the l.ast ten years. Thinking that electricity was the proper treatment for it she came to the Neurological Department of the Jefferson Hospital. Ostheimer, of Philadelphia, reported a case of this hepatitis appeared, the child showed no signs of syphilis. One such general and exhaustive discussion on some theme of cardinal importance is worth all the cost of this meeting, and worth far more than the miscellaneous and unequal papers that are read before too many of our The anticipation that a sort of sensational warfare was to be waged on the much-heralded Lorenz treatment, was not realized. The instance of the men engaged in shoveling snow is certainly strong evidence against the influence of cold as a factor in the development Without further discussion of this phase of the subject, I do not hesitate to reiterate my belief that the pneumococcus, which is found so frequently in the human mouth as to be almost considered a normal parasite, seldom or never attacks an organism in standard physical condition. Of course there is danger of the student relying too much upon these compends as an easy way of getting up his work, and to guard against this the authors advise the student not to rely upon it to the exclusion of standard and more elaborate works, as it is elementary in character, devoid of detail, and represents but an outline of the subject with which it has of Diseases of Women in the College of Physicians and edition, revised and rewritten by Dr. If the fever is high or continuous, absolute rest, preferably in the open air, should be enjoined. Only, the keenness of the human intellect, spurred on by the inborn love of life, was arrayed upon the side of life, and enlisted in the struggle against the forces of disease and death. This is sometimes well marked in cases of cancer, but it is by no means always present, nor is it pathognomonic when marked.

In consequence of the greater tension of the arteries, the left ventricle, meeting with an increased resistance, acts more tardily than the right; hence, a doubling of the first sound. Another important factor seems to lie the presence ofsonie"colloiil matrix." such as may lie fornieil hy mucus.

The yoanger the signal column the greater the flexibility.

Although the bleeding had ceased, I surrounded the vessels with a thick silk ligature, and fastened the whole once more. But the constant pain and the vomiting stomach.

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