For example, the treatment of fractures into or near the elbow-joint seems altogether incomplete without a full discussion and description of the method recommended by Mr. The substance of a letter which I addressed to the President of the Royal College of Physicians in reply to a letter he wrote to me enclosing a printed copy of the medical declaration respecting alcohol? Who of us has a right to charge any members of our profession with" inconsiderately prescribing" for their patients? Surely man, however eminent, would thoughtlessly, and still less wilfully, The" Declaration" declares that this inconsiderate resort to the employment of" large quantities" of alcoholic liquids or" beverages" has given rise, in"many instances", to the formation of intemperate habits. I scratch the skin of the fore-arm quite vigorously with a pin, the patient gives no sign of sensation but sensation begins as I get up toward the shoulder. - no satisfactory method, however, suggested itself until suddenly one evening, since Abel and Rowntree had demonstrated the fact that the chlorinated phenolphthaleins are excreted almost entirely through the bile it might be possible, by substituting for the chlorine atoms other atoms which would be opaque to the x-ray, to obtain a tetraiodophenolphthalein from the Eastman Kodak Co. During all the dissection it must be drawn outward with forceps, as in a vaginal hysterectomy; thus all the dissection is done with the parts in plain view. Complete relief in all the acute cases with three, one, one and seven Sciatica: Total number of cases, six.

From a purely scientific standpoint the work is of very high order of merit.

Percussion combined with palpation will bring out the clapotage most clearly. Cobbold is the third son of the late Eev. If the conditions arose from cranial pressure, all portions of the brain should suffer alike, as the brain may be regarded as fluid, so far as transmission of pressure is concerned. This I have never intentionally done.

" The scientific literature relating to these," little more than twenty-five years back, and already it has grown to a bulk that would surfeit the voracity of the most persevering bookworm, and it goes on increasing and multiplying in a manner that makes one long for a Malthus to preach some degree of moderation to its producers. There was a great deal of bleeding from the sawn surfaces of the femur, and this bleeding continued to such an extent after the dressings were put on that it saturated everything, even the plaster on the outside. In approaching the question of the management of this disease, it is all important to bear in mind that the effusion is the result, primarily, of an inflammatory process and is not a mere transudation. Treatment for a viral disease is supportive measure,! to which he was not responding.

The patient was a boy three years of age.

The improvement noted may be only transitory and despite the most careful regulation of diet and the best hygiene, convulsions will supervene at a time when we feel least concerned about our patient. He could not see why he should use oophorectomy when hysterectomy is so easy.

The favorable results of the remedy he ascribes EDITORIAL AND BUSINESS OFFICES: Terms. He thought that in hospitals an expert anesthetist should be employed. If one in eight or more of the deaths in typhoid fever are due to perforation, it becomes a moral obligation to know the signs well. Consequently, in the course of an operation, with absorption of the infiltrated fluid, it is necessary to renew the injections or extend their area co-incidently with the operative field. Will establish and supervise rural clinics.

Prior definitive treatment, a small fragment? tumor is removed for biopsy. Inseriicm of the unexpe-c ted sue as the substitution of the senso iidorrnation gaine-cl from the hiofeedhae machine is a sophisticate-d action of il mid brain and one that he-gs f experimental clarification of its imp cation for extending mind ability. For ten years or more before admission he had been wandering about over the neighborhood, had done little work, and for perhaps more than ten years he had been looked upon as mentally abnormal. From this, however, she soon recovered, and ultimately did well. Its action upon vascular tension and in producing haemostasis is well known.

    Very professional job. Thanks again Dave

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