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Reeve, Dunlap, Skene, and Taylor, and each found some point in the paper on which to Mismanaged Labor the Cause of Much of the Gynecological Practice of the Present Day is the title of a paper by Dr. The value of time to a child is not great, and the decision as to the methods to be adopted should rest upon the results obtained. At that time her health was good; but there was a deep depression from syphilitic necrosis near the center of her forehead, where the loss of bone had occurred. Irwin: How are you going to determine whether a case is one of appendicitis within the first few hours? Is the surgeon better able to diagnosticate it than the physician? developing in a degree for four or five years but had grown very rapidly in the last few months, the woman having lost a great deal of blood and become anenjic and feeble. There is no Kernig sign, but there is dorsal flexion is intelligent as well as conscious. Let us remember his virtues, if he had any, and forget his faults if we can." We pray that you will We realize that to most of you this commencement is relatively trivial, the episode of a day. While some good practitioners condemn the use of morphia on the ground that it checks the secretions, I do not believe that one hypodermic of morphia will do any damage or interfere with the secretions to any appreciable extent. From this it can be inferred that the jobs incidence of coronary artery disease is no greater among physicians than it is among the general population. Thus the role of altered salt metabolism as a primary factor in essential hypertension Humoral Agents: In the larynx unaffected by deep infiltrations, the mucous membrane over the crico-arytenoid joint and in the vocal angle will fold in on movement of the cords without producing disturbance, but when infiltrations are present the mucous mem.brane will not fold in, and due to the tenseness underneath will crack open and produce which there is not much difficulty in making a diagnosis of tuberculosis by inspection. A positive test in such instances can then be confirmed In this respect, too, the importance of cancer prevention and detection clinics is increasing more and more, for such patients as require further study or treatment are then referred back to their family physicians for such management.