Any article of diet that the experience of the patient has shown to be detrimental is to be Food should be taken in as large quantity as possible. If their conduct Ib already in con-' oat eaaaa, aad ttajraboold be glad to torirasd ItgJalatlon to prevent the hidmi:.- nbunes la)Oin to esiat elaowbare Irom Indignation has been expressed that anyone should attempt to put medical and acientiflc men under the cootroi of law, bat we anbndttbat there la no teaaon why paraoBa of tbia daai We call your attention to the enclosed cutting, a synopsis of fba raport made by Senator Qallingar of the Senate"Gou' mitteecf fhe DIatriet of ColnmUa," wbfdi teported the Mil favorably without one disBonting voici'; also to tlie (act ih it a petition in favor of this bill ban been submitted toCongrese uf The Illluols State Board of Ueultk.

Very Respectfully, fish which they catch to the settlements which are healthy." The topographical position of the peninsula on which the leper settlement is situated is absolutely prohibitive of any impassible barrier, with the exception of one dangerous trail which is strongly guarded, composed of a mountain chain feet. While the various concessionaires at previous expositions" have endeavored to reproduce, as a midway attraction, the wonderful mysteries of the Oriental, Eastern countries, it has remained for that typical ethnological artist, Mr. Whether the inclined to accept the view of Dr. The results were always good, especially in acute cases; but not so good in cases where the urethra had become accustomed to strong injections. From these blood was talien by venous puncture and injected other day into patients with the fully develojjcd disease. She presented a peculiar rhythmic, constant tremor, which was not paralysis agitans. Four-fifths of the cases yielded conclusive results by a microscopical examination of the brain tissue, while the remainder supplied no evidence of The merit of this test lies in the fact that if it furnishes proof of the presence of hydrophobia it does so at once, whereas the inoculation method takes two or three weeks for the development of Needless to say, it is of the most obvious importance to know as soon as possible whether a person has been bitten by a rabid dog or not, as this knowledge will decide the mode of treatment. Unpleasant secondary manifestations on the part of the intestinal tract and the heart were exceptional. It was removed at once under local ansesi-hesia. Now we can only get one It would be unfair to refer too particularly to the subject of immorality among the lepers at Molokai, but I shall mention here, that it is wrong from a scientific point of view to to Mr. Our omu Medical Aiwociation is not easy to foreeeo. On making a slight palpation over the edge of the liver the gall-bladder was found beneath the edge. There is a temporary increase in the amount of urea eliminated, and this may be observed from two to six or eight hours before the chill, so that an approaching paroxysm can be foretold if a quantitative analysis of the urine be made at the proper time (Jaccoud). In both cases I used soft rubber tubes uid sewed up the external wound at once. Throughout, the book before us breathes of a deep scientific spirit and is evidence of the serious work which has been done by its authors.

Many children with eczema suffer more or less from a mild gastric catarrh. Printed upon special paper, the type clear and the binding silk cloth or half-morocco makes each volume one fit to grace the oflSce or library table of any physician. Held in Washington, and was attended by the representatives of twenty-seven States, including all the governments of Europe, except Switzerland. The onset is usually gradual, being characterized by pain which as a rule is moderate but progressive in character, and is followed from a few days to a week later by oedema, which is always of slight extent unless the femoral vein is involved, when the oedema is more marked. Tlw sxndato te dfag iioBed hy jif rcussion, palpatioo In various poeitiotis and roctal chcU vaginal exauiination. There was abont two or three inches of the anterior stomach wall at the end of the esophagus oomparatively healthy, but the conditionH were euch as toxendsir my eflcffts to form a continuous canal futile. The importance of the two above mentioned measures is strongly insisted upon.

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