The examination of the patient should be systematic and i-omplete. The various exhibits of microscopical objects were particularly good, Messrs. Renew it once a day, and keep it sweet. The medical are practically the only departmental officers whose services are utilised in transports; so that their services during relief cannot be said to be" lost" as those of other officers are who do not do duty witli troops on board. The addition would much enhance the value of the volume in the case of most of the debates; but at the same time the size of the book would naturally be much increased, unless the debates were printed in smaller type than the original papers, whilst the extra expense wonld also be considerable. Now, the truth is that in true hydrophobia the patient never bites and never attempts to destroy. In the routine use of the Wassermann reaction in Brow'n's work, he found seven cases of specific aortitis Microscopic examination of an aorta that is infected with the Spirochufta pallida shows that all three coats of the arterial wall are involved, the invasion taking place through the vasa vasorum. The patient may then be left quiet for several hours, in expectation of the action of the purgatives previously given; or, if the stomach be irritable, soothing only, or a full dose of calomel with opium or hyoscyamus, should be taken, and after a few hours the enema may be repeated.

Tliey have been variously interpreted as protozoa, hyaline thrombi, altered Altmann's granules, von Recklinghausen's hyaline, bodies resembling corpora amylacea, transformation of the cell protoplasm, and as a product of the tissue fluids in which a degenerative process is added to a beginning coagulation process. You must, therefore, bejiroviously supplied with a category of disease, and out of this you choose one most accordant with the symptoms.

" Admitting that the general condition of the patient, especially in cases of septicemia and pyaemia, is considered in the production of this form of parotitis, must we not take into consideration the reflex action of the nervous system, as the influence, direct and reflex, of the nervous system upon the salivary glands is shown in countless ways; viz.

I, therefore, venture to raise my voice against any attempt to discredit the most difficult questions on which the obstetrical surgeon can be called on to decide. By to the ninth book, treating of uterine cancer, displacements, deformities of the cervix, disorders of menstruation, and last, and most important, inflamtpation of the appendages. John Tukner, Assistant Medical Officer, CASE OF ARREST OF GROWTH OF HUMERUS. The congestion was most marked in the immediate The appendix itself was superficially placed and freely movable, not walled off, but had a portion of omentum adherent. If one eye only be altogether destroyed, the horse will not shy or start, but will be a useful animal. He may have had no wasting discharge, hfemorrhage, or other obvious drain; yet there he lies, bloodless and emaciated, to a degree which leads one readily to believe that on bis bed of fever he has been consumed in all his tissues by an unseen fire. Most of the plates are of simple skeletal lesions of the extremities, illustrative of fractures, malformations and neoplasms. This is the secret of the coagula that occur in varicose veins. Granting tliat twenty in one hundred would escape if not treated, then forty -five in one hundred are saved by the treatment. Nuck has recorded a case where this operation was performed with success: London: the incubation period of diphtheria does not as a rule exceed whether it ever exceeds the last named period.

To dispose of this vast accumnlation of knoivn as Harrington Moss, situated six or seven miles south-west of the city, to convey the refuse thither by rail, and to bring this hitherto waste of bog and moss iuto cultivation. Of an irregular, peculiar, or anomalous character; but frequently, also, such as those described under to these complications.

Physical and mental repose are essential requirements. Here then is a case for the decisive application of the great law in medicine: remove the offending cause.