A section showed a typical epitheliomatous structure in the centre of the tumour. By lateral movements of its point the defect in the margin, as well as the roughness of its surface, is ascertained. I appreciate the unexpected honor that the society has conferred upon me, and feel the responsibility of presiding at your deliberations.

Hacilli may reach the intestine not only in the food but thnnigh the IiIihmI.

Jenner discovered vaccine in was used but little before the commencement of the nineteenth. In fact, even the medical profession, represented in the American Public Health Association, is not averse to enjoy a little tilt at the expense of its members who perennially hammers away at this subject with commendable persistency. If the by a lesi.m of its nerve its chronaxie lengthens gradually: i.s the nerve regenerates the chronaxie shortens until it returns to chronaxie, muscles should be tesled with the galvanic currei.l only.

Three of his sons had the enterprise to found commercial houses in New Orleans, where by industry and unfailing integrity they speedily secured a competence; one of his sons studied medicine, but preferred private study and teaching to the cares of professional life. ALBUMINURIA IN HIGH ALTITUDES, AND ITS The effects of altitude upon urinary disorders is a subject which has as yet received but little consideration.

And, in contradiction to Dr, Hall's statement, which to my own knowledge contains but one asscrliou which is not either a falsity or a mutilated truth, I pledge my character as a short-hand-v.riter of nine years' experience to the entire correcnness of my reports of the leetiu'cs, now in course of publication in tlie Medical Times. After the administration of qmuidino. Thus if both sides of the uterus menstruate together, as in one of Bastian's cases, a physiological meuorrhagia results; if alternately, there appears to be metrorrhagia. In case under our care the lymphatics of the spermatic cord wi r dilated bv a similar fluid in a beaded manner. CHARLOTTE STREET SCHOOL OF MEDICINE. They not only furnished the treasure, but the physical force and moral courage, by which the republic was measureably preserved against the invasion of foreign foes. Recently the hot air method has it lessens in a striking manner both the pain and stiifness in the joint. We would therefore say, that instead of acting upon the acid or alkaline properties of the blood of aggravated by the use of alcoholic drinks. Director of the Klinik for Psychiatry and Professor of Mental and Nervous Piseases with us since the end of November. Now, in descending from man to tile animal kingdom, we sliall find this transient condition of ilie enibryoprescnteil in a jtermanent maimer by the v.avions speeies ofadnltnianimifera; thus in the elephant tlie kidney consists of four lobes, in the ox of twelve or fourteen, ill the otter of two, and generally speaking of two also in the feline Irihp, as well as in most birds.

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