For the Use of the Medical Class of the An Address, Delivered to the Graduates in Medicine, at the Commencement The London Medical and Surgical Journal, for November and December, Vi TO READERS AND CORRESPONDENTS.

It is a good thing to drink or sip slowly a pint of hot water (not luke warm) before breakfast and at bed time. But when treatment is "good" delayed until the skin has become thickened or eczematised, the nerves, being pressed upon by the indurated skin, may remain in an excitable state, and the itching may persist in spite of the removal of the cause. They were the first to make an attempt at finding the transverse diameter of the brim.

After dividing the nervous system into the animal and vegetative, Eppinger and Hess subdivide the vegetative into the sympathetic and the autonomous or system of the"enlarged vagus" ("erweiterte vagus"). Letter - the former is generally recognized and its significance largely understood. From this series of observations it seemed likely that the excluded organ was able to secrete up to about the third week as evidenced by the dilatation and distention of pelvis and ureter up to this date. Technique of operations on the heart, and as a result proposes the following method. We are then, and then only, justified in exploring for retained products of conception. The Schmidt nuclei test and the ghitoid capsule test indicated pancreatic inactivity. After a little reflection, he told me that a favorite dog belonging to a neighbor had died some weeks before, in consequence, as his owner supposed, of having been poisoned, and that about the time the dog was taken sick he was playing with it as he had frequently done before, when the animal's nose came in contact with his lower lip with sufficient force to cause a slight abrasion of the skin. During the cold stage, which often continues from four to six hours, the irritability of stomach is greatly aggravated, and is indeed one of the most distressing and uncontrollable symptoms of the disease. Conner asked if the constant relation between the diminution of the quantity of the gas forming in the sdgar media and evidences of intestinal putrefaction Dr. The vapor from camomile boiled in water may be inhaled to advantage in quinsy. Immediately following the operation she had four convulsions, but thereafter for two months had none.

Value of the plant chiefly depends upon the oil which can be extracted from the seeds.

Wright's staphylococcic vaccine which is sometimes very successful; an autogenous vaccine of SYCOSIS NUCHAE.

The principal object then proposed in this paper is to reaffirm in all its rigor and in a pointed maimer, the rule that the application of fuming nitric acid is the most effectual means of destroying the"virus" of rabies in wounds, and that in all cases in which we fear its coexistence with a bite, it should be got rid of as far and as quickly as may be possible; and further, and above all, to choose from literature and common experience incidents and examples that violate or observe this rule. The patch rapidly expands, and, as it does, fades in the centre, so that soon it consists of a circinate or ring-like band, pink at its outer edge, red, slightly raised, and scaly at its inner part, and enclosing a central nonscaly, fawn-coloured, finely wrinkled area. On the trunk the patches are smooth or slightly scaly and are not elevated, but slight suggest the coalescence into patches of macules or small maculo-pa pules; others, except for standing slight accentuation of the normal furrows in the skin, might be produced by a uniform inflammatory disturbance over the" whole lesion. In year and a half while the sole survivor has well-marked evidence of extensive pelvic invasion. The fontanelle was tense and bulging, the knee jerks were exaggerated; the infant was quite drowsy. A limited number develop an emphysema, all cases should receive prompt treatment, with a view of lessening the severity and frequency of the paroxysms.

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