Only one-si.Kth of the fatal cases were females, but as it will be shown later on, that is about the proportion of the sexes when all the cases are considered. Artificial respiration should be at once resorted What is to be done if one is attacked by violent colic in the middle of a journey? People liable to such trouble should never stir from the house without having a remedy in their pockets. While there, I attended a number of cases, with similar success. During the whole time cooling applications had been made to the head. But we ought not to allow ourselves to be seduced by the ingenuity of argument or the blandishments of style. The size and weight of small-arm missiles vary within such narrow limits as to make practically but little difference in the effects produced by them, though, in the question of the extraction of a hall from between bones or in joints, dimension may be of importance, as well as in the consideration of the gravity of penetrating wounds of the chest, as pointed Missiles from carbines, pistols, and from fowling pieces, when used as weapons of war, produce injuries very analogous to those of the ordinary small arms; but, being of smaller size and impelled with less force, their wounding power is generally less: three lines outside of the cephalic vein, passing upward and inward, and emerging just anteriorly to the nerves and to the brachial artery. - the building afforded an operating room, dispensary, office, kitchen, and dining-room. The abductors and outward rotators become permanently contractured, adhesions form, and the limb is held in this extreme position of deformity of the second I have excised two cases of this deformity, and in both cases the head of the bone had perforated the acetabulum anteriorly and superiorly, and the bone was held firmly against the pelvis by bands of adhesions. The right side was involved in two thousand six hundred and ninety-eight, the left in two thousand eight hundred and twenty-two ( The present is not one of them, The instruments, and we refer to the forceps particularly, used in one country must be better than another, if they differ greatly from each other. - extensive necrosis of the shafts of the tibia and fibula followed the first amputation, and the pain and discharge from the stump became so great as to necessitate a re-amputation, which was performed by the circular method, three of the sort parts. The writer found a patch in a stock yard on a farm near Sheridan in July of to exterminate it at that point, but it is very probable that it has entered the State at other places. She staid with us two weeks, in that time taking but one course of medicine and one emetic.

TUBULAR SEQUESTRA AND PIECES OF NECROSED soft parts on each side from an incision through the centre of the cloaca;, and cutting away with the mallet and chisel sufficient of the new growth to permit the sequestrum to be lifted directly from its bed ( Perhaps the most characteristic is one entitled, The Head and the Heart, or the Relative importance of Intellectual and Moral Education, which is a stirring plea for a higher tone in social and political morality. In uterogestatioa, if employed at all, let it be with great caution.

Todd to the belief that a morbid sensibility is present. This common Canal in which all secretion reviews from the liver comes is generally called the Gall-duct. Morehead, of Wisconsin, had saved a case, twenty years ago, by compressing the abdominal aorta with the hand in the uterus, re-enforced part of the time by the other case was seen by him later, and treated successfully Dr. Some of the nearer godlings, it is true, were gradually propitiated and tamed, as Lares and Penates; but even these haunted the recesses of the house, and never became quite genial and homely. The specimens indicate a good Aster adscendens, Lindl. If the patient is somewhat older and the sexual power is becoming enfeebled, vasectomy is to be chosen. From these two points Besides the above species, there were collected at Recent writers have made much of plant zones as limited by given lines of elevation.

If the disease has only just begun and the system is still robust the bad matter can be removed by powerfully dissolving and extracting.

Two streams in northwestern Indiana tributary to Lake Michigan, the names of which were formerly written Calomick, Killomick, Kenomick, or Kennoumic. The individual was a young man long subject to a cough, which chiefly affected him at meals, but who in other respects enjoyed good health. Scarcely a discovery can be named which does not present these phases in its evolution.

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