It is just possible that this case may have been one of epidemic cerebro-spinal meningitis, for some other cases of meningitis occurred about the same time in the same street. The addition of a trace of sulphuric or lactic acid to agar-agar or glycerin-agar prevents the growth of the diplococcus on these media. You have been identified witli the board from its organization until the present time. Hence mental development in connection with sensations, in the arrangement of mental memory pictures and in the association of these for comparison and judgment depend on nerve evolution. Quite frequently in severe eruptions there appear small extravasations; these must not be taken for an expression of a general, severe infection, but rather as one of the extreme congestion of the skin. Bloated and cyanotic; decided nasal catarrh with a free, serous discharge. In all sprains there is a rupture of some ligament, and just which was torn in this case is of no practical moment. Whose skillful ways of comforting the dying have been adopted by the British visiting nurses. The Committee on Hygiene of the Medical Society of sent a series of questions on intermittent fever, with an explanatory circular, to every physician on Long Island outside The two cliicf objects were to ascertain the presence or absence of malarial fever in the various towns on the island, thereby affording physicians a guide in recommending localities during the summer months, and, secondly, to accumulate all the scientific material possible rclatinir to the The circular and questions were as follows:"Dear Sir: Intermittent fever is an unmistakable evidence of mnlnria, and tlio localities in which this fever orijjiiiates or prevails, if otherwise attractive to the inliabitnnts of large and wenltliy cities by reason of accessibility and advantages of country life,.suffer the material loss of the development and prosperity which would necessarily follow were tlieir sanitary reputation good.

Renal veins is more been examined during pregnancy, and albumin was then present only in urine oftener after the rupture of the membranes than before; and oftener when labour has lasted long than at the beginning of labour.

Tube C is connected to the base of the brass bellows D obtained from an automobile thermostat. - i thought that was the trouble at first, but now that I know the facts I can face the future in a better frame of mind." There are times, of course, when it is not right to tell patients these things, but an opportune time should always be selected and the subject should be approached in a tactful and sympathetic way. Weir Mitchell on tri'iis were interesting.

One patient has suffered a myocardial infarction, and one patient underwent successful coronary artery bypass for left main coronary stenosis that developed between yearly After the initial enthusiasm that followed the introduction of cardiac transplantation in late results limited the performance of transplants to a few centers world-wide. Having passed the staff through, the stricture should be cut with the smallest knife, the incision preferably made above or in the roof of the canal. Several papers were then read by title and referred to the Committee on Publication, and the.Section adjourned. The first case was that of a man, aged twenty-eight, in whom the tvpical temporal blindness was slowly developed, remained for a considerable time unaltered, and then proceeded to almost total blindness. It is generally held that after puberty many more females are attackeJ by tubercle than males; but, so far as tuberculous meningitis in adults is concerned, the careful statistics of Seitz indicate that more men are Tuberculous meningitis has been observed repeatedly in two or more children of the same family, and likewise in families of which other members have suffered from divers manifestations of tubercle.

The Duke Foundation has opened the way and formulated plans whereby community organizations and individuals can be made to realize their responsibility to charity sick and in this way aid existing hospitals by relieving them of the burden of maintaining charity cases. Vierordt," Behandlung des Scharlachs," in Pentzoldt-Stintzing's as it should, and the patient should be lighth' covered.

Functional unification of the word-centres of which I have hitherto spoken is not of such a kind as to remain in a state of isolation. Is lawlessness in all its forms to be condemned? Must the good citizen be always the conformist? Does not progress arise generally out of disregard for things as they are? Have not our memorials been raised to those who dared to object? Shall we try to teach ourselves and to instruct our children to think in condemnation of our traditional My own feeling is that society might well direct thought to some of its own attitudes. I at least have not seen many such cases, and am unable to find more than a few carefully described. If this involve the motor centres there is initial hemiplegia, partial or at first complete. Both these proceedings require great delicacy in handling, and great patience in unraveling the slender and fragile fibers, and in extricating them unharmed from the tough and unyielding cicatrix in which they are buried. His observation had been that the mortality varied in different years and in different localities; he had seen it as high as twenty per cent, and us low as four per cent.

The committee in selecting the subject may have bad a vague idea that something new or startling could be said by me relative to the etiology and treatment of this too common affection; if so, another and more worthy appointee should have been chosen. Cathartics were of no and finally extracted. Serious disfigurements are inherently repulsive to the most tenderhearted and considerate, even.

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