I cannot conceive that better reasons are necessary to make this period one of special study; but others are to be found in the fact of the great indifference existing in regard to the critical nature of this ej)och. The division of tlie (emlo ArhiJlis, as performed at the operation, i)Iaces the patient on his alulonien with the foot hanging over the edge of the table, an assistant steadies the limb, while the surgeon grasps the foot with one hand, and forcibly flexes it so as to put the tendon on the stretch, lie then, with a tenotome, lish surgeons, Adams, Broadhurst, Little, and Turn- I punctures the skin close to the inner border of the plin, consists, in a majority of cases, in the division of the tendo Achillis and the tendons of the tibialis anticus, tibialis posticus, fl(jxor longus digitorum, and in some cases tlie extensor longus hallucis operative treatment into two stages: First, the varus is converted into equinus by cutting the tibial and long flexor tendons and gradually everting the foot by mechanical means; secondly, after tlie deformity is transformed into a simide equinus, the tendo Achillis is divided and the extension at the ankle joint is reduced. The conservation of energy which we so strongly urge can only be brought about by officers, non-commissioned officers, and men knowing what to do, and possessing the needful resourcefulness. When admitted into the Hospital, the vessels of the conjunctiva and sclerotic (in the left eye) were highly congested, and the pink colour of the latter, which formed a broad zone round the cornea, was strongly contrasted with the crimson colour of the conjunctiva; the iris, instead of presenting - its natural blue, was of a greenish colour, dull, and its pupillary margin appeared thickened.

The principal mistake is to regard osteo-arthritis or gonorrhoeal arthritis as ordinary rheumatism, a mistake which is favoured in the former case by the fact that rheumatism is one of the causes of osteo-arthritis. Colchicum and ipecac may be given in acute cases; arsenic in those which become chronic. This was done l)y reducing the sulphide to the metallic state, by means which could not have weighed more than a few thousandths of a grain, possessed the color, hardness, I malleability, and other properties of metallic tin. I remarked, that the impetus of the blood would be diminished at the upper part of the sac, the course in which the disease was extending; that a deposition of coagulum would ensue, and that we should" build up the sac" at the point where disease was progressing. When circumstances render it desirable to apply palliative measures to ventral hernia pending parturition, the object is readily accomplished by means of vulvar sutures, for sutures.

The lower lid is everted by a considerable swelling of the conjunctiva, which is red, and loaded with serous effusion. This nervous palpitation is due to spasmodic contraction of the arterioles, a difficulty in the passage of the blood, or innervation of the heart itself, its action In some cases palpitation is always present, more or less increased by anything which throws extra effort upon the heart, as slight exertion. The lowest species of man is anatomically and zoologically further below his cognate superior than he is above the chimpanzee, gorilla, ape and lemur. Geoffroy, rhinencephali, because the union of the eyes is only the result of the absence of the olfactory lobes. Among other things the Commission on Constitution and Bylaws considered resolutions to the House of Delegates Board of Trustees to provide for made appropriate changes in the Bylaws pertaining to the Hospital made changes to the ISMA Constitution to be in compliance with recent Commission implemented the resolution dealing with Resident Medical Society representation on the ISMA Board of Trustees and the ISMA to thank the ISMA staff and members of the commission for their assistance ACTION: All reports filed except where (Committee member s are lifted in the have recommended the approval of same by the ISMA House of Delegates after approval of the ISMA Board of In addition your Committee con tinued to monitor the filing of nuisance suits and lawsuits involving multiple defendants without good cause. Now I wish you to understand, most distinctly, that the change of posture is very drangerous, and that fre quently, when it is allowed, it does not afford the expected relief. It is probable that this course will be pursued, as the army needs many more doctors.

Cystic Degeneration of the Uterine"Walls Hydrometra, or distension of the uterus with liquid, is not common and is dependent upon a variety of causes. Ammonioferric alum is also a good medicine to give by the mouth in the same case.

An abscess occasionally bursts externally or into the peritoneum, stomach, thorax, etc. Be prepared in the hospital or Mercurochrome is also supplied in Aqueous Solution, COLDS COST AMERICAN RLBLIC BILLION striking virtually every inhabitant in the United States at least once a year ( Adolphus may deny that those"in favor of the restorative treatment exclusively," advise this free and frequent use of stimulants; but I appeal to any of their writings on the subject, and it will be seen that they tell us that it is of little avail unless we keep repeating maximum boundary for stimulants must not exist; that, when the weaker are inefficient, you must employ the"Sometimes we see wonders from hot grog, one or two parts of cognac, rum, or even whisky, to one part water; of this I give one or several tablespoonfuls every ten minutes.

After the transaction of other business. We shall first describe the condition of the patient during the latter stage. Where there is torpor of digestion joined with very marked sympathetic nervous disturltances, the following jirescriptions are of great value: WlnTc there ia marked iicpatic distiirbiincc. Cod-liver oil and sea air are the general measures. The periods during which the parasites are scarce or are not found on microscopical examination vary from one to six days (Lingard); but the blood is virulent as shown by inoculation into susceptible animals.