LUit a few general thoughts may be of interest as to diagnosis and treatment. The patient becomes" hysterical," laughs and cries alternately, and complains of a constricted feeling in the throat, as if a ball were rising into it (" globus hystericus"). If we pursue the series of symptoms, we shall find that the consequences of compression are combined with those of irritation, but that the former are by no means in proportion to the quantity of fluid found in the ventricles after death. An EMBRIO, (from tv, in, and fipw, to Galen remarks that the Greeks did not call the foetus under two months old by the name of embryon, but named it cuema; but others styled it embryon during the whole time of its being in the womb. Gilbert, Jimmy Gubin, Steven S. Nevertheless, sometimes, some one symptom may be isolated, which will permit a closer local diagnosis. The eyes and the head were drawn toward the right and the left half of the body was paralyzed. Ambition is dead, kitchen garden, eats a trifle, wears his old clothes and sits alone at home reading a bit, meditating long, ruminating most of the time; producing nothing; a quiet. We have many times been along the river shores in swampy land, partly overflowed, on shallow lakes, in short in many places where similar conditions with us would have made such excursions martyrdoms, without seeing, hearing or feeling a mosquito. Oatmeal or rolled oats is another food which if properly cooked will provide the system with nutritive elements in the right proportion. Again it may be well to mention here that the infection producing a brain abscess is not always a direct one, but may be carried there through the lymphatics or by the way of the pial blood-vessels. Another chief peculiarity of Keith's operation is his method of treating the pedicle by the actual cautery, instead of by the ligature or clamp. A typical reaction, coming on as a rule in from twelve to twenty-four hours, consists of headache, malaise, pains in the litnbs. Muco-membranous enteritis and appendicitis are apt to occur in the same children.

Now, gentlemen, these are facts, and their interpretation speaks for itself. Contains an extremely interesting and able review of with which he ends the discussion of the symptomatology of the lesions of each particular region of the brain. HEPTAPHA'RMACUM, (from!?, seven, and fttffutxn, a medicine or remedy). The imagination broods over fancied ills, till the whole system is really disordered. In the Italian universities the students wore a long black garment known as a"cappa." In the Parisian universities every student was required by custom or statute to wear a tonsure and a clerical habit, such"indecent, dissolute, or secular" apparel as puffed sleeves, pointed shoes, colored boots, etc., being positively forbidden; and so the clothes of uniform color and material, like those worn in some of the English charitable schools, have been the result of the uniform dress of a particular color which mediaeval students were supposed to wear, and which indicated that at the time they were supposed to be clerks. In dividing the external rectus no such objection to a It is claimed that making an oblique incision over the internal rectus will combine the advantages of reaching the tendon easily; of preventing falling of the caruncle, and also obviate the necessity of sutures in the conjunctiva. Abnormal adhesion requires artificial interference as soon as the diagnosis is made. In dropsy in tympanites, as well as in the puerperal state just described, the vessels are peculiarly full, and give the suspicion "" of previous inflammation where none has existed.

It might seem that an improvement could be effected by keeping the meat in cold storage for a couple of days before consumption as all of these cities have local ice plants. We also applied leeches in this case, not with the view of removing the pleurodynia, but with the intention of removing its cause, mammary inflammation. According to this view tuberculosis of adults is the"end of a song, the beginning of which for the unfortunate patient was sung in the cradle." If this view were correct, the majority of cases of tuberculosis in adults would be associated with the bovine bacillus, unless the bovine bacillus has the power of changing to the human type during its long stay in the body. This is due either to the virulence of the strain, the amount of the infection, or to variation in individual resistance. Stars, meteors, the aurora, comets and sudden lights of any kind were regarded as presaging events like the birth of Gods, heroes, etc.

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