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The foramen ovale was tendinous cord. The tumor, hanliM'ss, almost like that of ivory. The frequency and nature of true and false hermaphroditism, removed herniated uterine adnexae not having a distinctive structure, should be subjected to a microscopical examination. A careful neurological examination of the patient usually gives a negative result. He could not bear his chest to press even lightly against anything that might have aided in supporting him. Once more, the simple comparison with the pulmonic second sound will not settle the question; the comparison must be made with an ideal standard carried of the pulmonic second sound in suspected mitral stenosis, one must bear in mind the age of the patient. These sharp pointed reflections lead to a more serious view of the subject. It is a robust individual alcoholic, and who r the day before presented the signs of grave temperature high; his tongue dry and fuliginous; there was a confluent exanthema; a violent delirium; and, as complication, a hypostatic pneumonia. Thus, if the breath flow through a man's right nostril continuously for one whole day, he will be no more after three years; if for two days, he will die in a year; and if it continuously flows from the same nostril for three days, he will not live beyond three months. Sturmdorf presented this specimen, which was shown simply as a gynecological curiosity. E., the vessel from which the gods ate.

The anterior third of its free margin is supported by a rod of cartilage extending from the ulnar border of the wrist. Mercury treatment and then a blood Wassermann. (Separat-abdruck aus der Zeitschrift fiir Morphologie Maler, Teobert. The Bridge Rocks (three miles) are secluded, and very pretty. Some of the large milk corporations supply"centrifugal" cream on their milk. Waves, leaving suffering and blindness in their Trachoma is known to have existed from time im- wake, memorial. - this can be accomplished through the bronchoscojje. This proves pretty clearly that the various observances and hygienic directions prescribed for the guidance of the Hindoos are based on too solid a foundation to be wholly destroyed or radically affected by the ravages of time. We had AVood just starting the chemical laboratory; Ellis, with his clinical method of investigation where the student was put in direct contact w'ith the patient. Noticediirominenceofhereycs, and enlargiinentoftho thyroid body, with a drumming in the ears. A dressing of iodoform and salicylic wool was applied.

It is commendable for the government to feel that emergency relief medical service demands remuneration. It is only necessary that stimulation of any Ibrm should be of sufficient intensity or mass, though the most discomfort is caused by prolonged or moving stimuli which to be summated until they acquire an intensity that produces The pains and hypersensitiveness in these cases resemble in many respects that seen in the thalamic syndrome. The sensory nerves are the first, however, to come under the influence of this alkaloid, which is exerted from the periphery inward, while in the case of the motor nerves Under the stimulating action of aconitine upon the cardio-inhibitory center, the heart is slowed and steadied, while its inhibiting action on the vaso-motor center is productive of a lowering of arterial tension with a fall in blood pressure. Tozzer, Instructor in Anthropology at Harvard University, and Mr R. About the same as the average death-rate has been since the opening of tho asylum. The ankle joints were much swollen and muscular pains were throughout the I gave salines, epsom salts, every day for about a week, and then began the use of rheumatism phylacogen by injecting just two days in succession and then one day was omitted, after which every second day The pains in muscles and joints subsided continued the treatment to produce immunity.

This will show an elevation of temperaturi" THE IMPORTANCE OF REST IN PULMONARY rUBERCULOSIS, indications for rest in pulmonary tuberculosis are the same as those for rest in joint and bone tuberculosis. Bndorsed sample to doctors for the asklnf. An ounce or two of castor oil every morning or so alternated with a saline sometimes works wonders in such Ask a friend to write us for a sample copy of the Summary.

Here it may be mentioned that Bacillus aerogenes capsulatus may be present in the uterus, usually in association with other bacteria, in both mild and severe cases of puerjHiral endometritis without the recognition of gas in notes have been furnished me by Dr. Willoughby); at least it is as much of a resemblance as the famous probably the pointed ends of vases for insertion in the soft earth, were found and a moderate number of monotonously and rudely decorated fragments; with the exception of the pipe no complete In shell a gorget about five centimeters in diameter was found; it has the peculiarity of a perforation running parallel with the flat surfaces and of course may have served other purposes than that one scraper of white quartz, two triangular points of a dark hard workmanship, three leaf-shaped white quartz specimens, thirteen fragments of white quartz, one fragment of pottery, three pieces of red ochre, one of graphite, two rough stones with little or no working, a rough but worked flat smoothing stone, and a fragment A comparative absence of human bones was evident in the neighborhood of the cache; in fact, with the exception of the shell beads and a few other objects, any necessary connection between interment and other specimens was not to be made out. In support of this, Packard has recently shown that there are numerous instances of the formation of wheals in the mouth and throat, although the lesions in G cases; from the bowels in.") cases; from the nose With regard to the skin lesions purpura alone was dative erythema, urticaria, or urticaria with purpura, lesions. Messrs,,, lesions to congenital absence of the thin nerve-fibres of sen.sation, anil, of trophicism, or to an increase and thickening of the perineurium. The swelling, when not involving the whole limb, is fairly limited to the areas supplied by the internal and middle cutaneous nerves, the saphenal plexus, the external cutaneous nerve in the thigh, and the musculo-cutaneous nerve at the outer side of the leg and the dorsal aspect of the foot.

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