The chapters devoted to the insanities of the psychical degenerate suffer by comparison with those in more than one modern French and German treatise. PLACENTA PR.-EVIA OR DETACHED PLACENTA. It has thus realized the brightest hopes and most enthusiastic provisions of its worthy founders, and has extended its benefits and influence over the whole of North America: The face is swollen and large conjunctival haemorrhages with the deeply sunken corneae give a ghastly appearance to the features. Very few patients will persistently follow any treatment daily during a period of six or nine months, unless they believe it their last resort. USSR: Life JPRS report: Science and technology. Apply the following to the gum of the affected Oil of anise enough to aromatize. The patient, therefore, was placed upon the side with the affected ear downward, and the larva being unmolested for half an hour came out into the canal, was easily extracted, and was found to be of the same form and dimensions as those previously removed. He requires the troopers to preserve their seats by balancing the body; that they avoid the common fault of leaning the body too far or curving the back to the rear; that they sit erect and keep the thighs close to the horse.

Dilatation of the ala; nasi during inspiration, with a contraction of the eyebrows and a countenance indicative of suffering, were associated with severe inflammation of the respiratory organs. In a vast subject like surgery, of course, such a plan would not suffice, and the idea of Dr.

Sanger is cited by the Lancet's Berlin correspondent as having pointed out in the Miinchener medicinische Wochenschrift that there can be no therapeutic effect from a gargle unless it comes in contact with the affected part, and as having demonstrated that it does not reach the pharyngeal mucous membrane and the tonsils. I do not know but I have "" been glass tube and the other with gaoze. In the case which I will report next, however, there was no secretion of HCl after the use of the current, but as she greatly improved under these applications, I inferred that they in some way improved the nervous tone of the stomach, and this is, I am inclined to think, the most important result of this therapeutic measure. School, which were so successful last winter, are to be continued this year: Then, about bedtime he began to feel uncomfortable, and complained to his wife of distress in the bowels, with a slight bellyache: Death as an immediate result has taken place in several ways: Shock attending the operation and due chiefly to loss of blood. When the bladder is not greatly distended its walls will be somewhat thickened and the mucous membrane congested. Here I will say that I have used only cases which occurred at stations where I believe good disinfection work was done, the officers in direct charge of the stations being, all well known to me. In wordblindness, this translation, this interpretation are impossible by the intermediadon of the sight." years before treated in a very lucid manner of worddeafness under the name of" sensorial aphasia." Journal Ophthalmologique, a remarkable paper on" asemiognosie optique" or" aphasic amblyopia," in which he records a typical case of his own, and gives a clear description of the malady (reprinted in the fourth volume of liis Clinique Medicale). Each officer so transmitting a descriptive list will retain a proper record of his action. It is perfectly applicable to the partial closure of wounds when drainage is employed. George's Hospital, London, in which instant and marked relief, followed by permanent improvement, was obtained by gently rubbing the inflamed and painful parts with a small block of ice held firmly in the hand with flannel.