Na other has made a more honorable record of selfabnegation and of devotion to duty. Nitric and carbolic acids are of no benefit because they are too irritating. The natient made a good recovery, although the acute anemia lasted for some showed that they may be due to low implantation of the paper on"Concealed Accidental Hemorrhage of the Gravid Occurrence: It is impossible to form definite statistics as many cases are unrecognized or not reported. If filled one half to two thirds full of paraffin it will melt it in three minutes and if the current is shut off the temperature will be just right for application after two minutes and it will stay so for ten minutes. In one passage he writes of" the particles which are mixed with the atmosphere, which war against health and which determine the epidemic constitution." And there is one curious passage as follows:" We must consider, not that any particular diathesis is to be assumed from the atmosphere itself (nulla ejusmodi diathesin in ipso aere supponi debere), by which, whilst we have one epidemic propagated in one place, we may have case every movement of wind would (as it sometimes does) invariably diffuse the elHuvia of some mineral fermentation, that these contaminate the air through which they pass by their particles, tliat these particles are differently destructive to different animals, and that they propagate diseases appropriate the one that an epidemic constitution can be shifted by the wind. The student should be so instructed in these specialties that he would be able to recognize and treat the simpler morbid conditions of these special organs and at the same time to recognize the probable more serious conditions which are beyond his therapeutic skill so that he would conserve health and life by referring such patients to qualified specialists. Moreover, the unusual form of the waves and which interrupt the rhythm in this second case is characteristic of a contraction of the ventricle which arises in a region of the ventricle itself.

Involvement of the bones is usually symmetrical and the swellings are often painful.

Fried even recently, plaster, extending to the healthy tissues, the best local measure for a furuncle. " Case II is that of a man in Ward XX, who has lost all the toes of his left foot. Symptoms, such as fulness in the abdomen after eating, flatulence, heartburn, poor appetite and constipation, are those chiefly dyspepsia:

A Practical Manual for Students, Physicians, and Health Officers. Reports from the Water Department showing amount of Reports and maps from the Engineering Department showing sewage distribution.

Nobody has yet devised a standard diet. Increasing grades of severity are associated with more extensive involvement of the respiratory tract from above downwards. Radium treatment is unnecessary for the bone cyst. She had long been a dyspeptic with vomiting, belching and rumbling of gas. He was a foreigner and this obscured the history and salved professional The early diagnosis of appendicitis is not made with the hypodermic syringe and morphine, not with calomel and salts, not with ice packs, starvation and rectal feeding, not with salad oil or castor oil. He also paid more attention to drainage of wounds than did most of his colleagues.

For each house a card was filled up giving the results of these inquiries, which was handed in to the local headquarters of the Unit the same evening so that a card index could be kept. We are told that one hundred and thirty years ago there was a great difference of opinion on this question, and at that time Leroux, of Dijon, was a strong advocate of"rupture of the membranes," and the"administration of ergot of rye to check The discussions as to these two methods during the first and second thirds of the last century were interesting, and were equal in many respects, and perhaps better in some respects, than the discussions of the last forty years. Marinesco, Professor of Neurology at Bucharest, who has been working for some time past in the Pathological Laboratory of the Maudsley Neurological Clearing Hospital.

The destruction of these buildings is a distinct loss to medical science and to the Dominion of Canada. Where some underlying toxic or organic condition is observed, the herpes being manifestly secondary, the former should of course receive special therapeutic attention. The way this is done is important.

Best known of the palm-trees, and which always greets us as we approach the shore of any of the tropical islands. The observations arising therefrom are such that it seems to me to justify elaboration of these earlier remarks, and the placing on record of one's findings whilst the picture is vivid. If man did not insist, if our civilisation, our education, and our religion could teach him self-control, the prostitute would not be.

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