The ravages of cholera are fohnd to decrease somewhat during the winter months, while fowl typhoid seems to be more prevalent in spring and early summer. The injuries were almost always on the extremities, particularly on the hands and feet, but we had also cases of head, trunk, and abdomen injuries. S.) The treatment of wounds; Ranke (H. One author states:" Although Lombardy is the garden of Italy, its peasants are over-worked, under-paid, and under-fed; instead of a diet suited to their severe labor, their sustenance consists largely of the more worthless kinds of Indian corn of their own growing, the produce of poorly cultivated ground, sown late, harvested before maturity, and stored carelessly in its wet state; even if they grow a certain proportion of good maize corn, the millers, to whom they are often in debt, are more likely to grind the worse samples for the peasants' own use.

On introducing my finger within the uterus, I found the membranes entire, and could easily feel the motions of the foetus. Cow-dung, however, is used in Khartoum and Omdurman as a wash for the tops of ovens, and especially of those used for baking bread, and also for the walls of outhouses, especially those used for storing grains. Mediciuiscbe nnd cronposeu Lungenentziindnng nach deu Grnnd satzen des Professors von Jiirgensen in Tiibingeu.

I believe we should have a little voice New York as to whether the date and place of the meeting should be fixed by the Executive Board or the membership the question has never arisen, but the Association has the perfect right to fix the place for holding the meeting. AXAT'ROPE, from ava,'upwards,' and rptiru, still speak of the stomach turning against any Anciu'sa Officinalis, A.

Mohler said:"Members of the Morgan Horse Club and friends:"Few horses have been honored as the horse which stands on this pedestal has been honored.

Years of age, during a severe labor with a first child, ruptured her uterus, the child escaping into the abdomen.

Diagnose, Pathologic und Therai)ie der Fraueu - Kraukheiteu. We have always objected to this test chiefly for the reason urged by Sydney Martin, viz. Sometimes it is called the pace. Baldwin, that while the human species is endowed with no natural immunity to tuberculosis, a certain degree of acquired immunity exists in the white race as a result of exposure to infection through the general intercourse of every day life. The necrosed area undergoes liquefaction and form? the abscess, the contents of which consist ol Charcot-Leyden crystals.

Philadelphia Medical Journal the Medical News VALUE OF RONTGEN RAYS IN DIAGNOSIS Rontgenologist, Allegheny General Hospital; Dermatologist and Rontgenologist, Pittsburgh, Columbia, and St. He also has twelve temporary and four permanent molars; hence the colt at one the two permanent laterals making their and the permanent ones taking their year old has twelve temporary incisors, or front teeth, and twelve temporary molars or grinders, and fonr permanent molars. Children are most liable to it during the first two or three weeks of life, but it may occur at any age, and is occasionally seen in wasting diseases of adults (diabetes, tuberculosis). It was only by ignoring the fact that a marked degree of difference exists between the frangibility of a delicately constructed and that of an unrefined organism which gave rise to the false belief that the temperament of beauty manilested an inherited element of disease and therefore a forerunner of consumption, while both are normal concomitants of the same fundamental condition. On the other hand,"identical twins" are the result of a complete division of one ovum or blastoderm, resulting m the formation of two distinct embryos.

Retina bei Anomalien des Circulationsapparates. All except the lower angle of the wound was closed. This view of the case is supported by the consideration, that in the normal pelvic condition the vagina is so circularly contracted upon itself, as to not only crowd the uterus to situ, but also to so contract the vaginal exhalants as to allow of no more than a normal lubricating exudation; whereas in prolapsus the uterus has been crushed into the vagina, where it must act more or less as an irri" tating foreign body, and has caused a great expansion of the vaginal exhalants, through the greatly relaxed and expanded surface of that canal.

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