That is truly something to be well considered. She passed peacefully away on the twentieth day after"Did the patient die of puerperal septicemia alone or would you be led to think"What is the best course to take when"Is it well to bandage in the patient after"What is the cause of excessive diarrhea Your patient died of profound puerperal epticemia. Another horse developed recrutement sarcoptic mange. He said that for two years with hardly an exception he had followed that method of treating all those cases of local tumor that he formerly bad treated by cutting directly into the infected area and draining the abscess.

In incipient cases the rise of temperature was often very moderate. The fact that tetanus is far more frequent in tropical climates, and that it results oftener from wounds received in war than those in civil life, gives added interest to its study to us as Americans in view of the fact that we are even now engaged in the conquest of Cuba under the heat of the tropical sun.

W, aged forty-seven years, was admitted to but had had no secondary or tertiary lesions, according to his statement.

Williams, of Boston, has done perhaps the best work upon this subject.

Occasionally a combination of extraarticular, intraarticular (ordinary fibrous) and bony ankylosis obtains. Circulation is unimpaired, except so far as it is always impaired after such an injury. Most of you are familiar with the day school. Perhaps, indeed, this is the issue of most of these aggravating cases of As regards diet, alcohol is a dangerous remedy to recommend to neurotic persons; fortunately they do not tind much benefit from it. The new building will be ready for occupancy in about a year, it is understood.

This morning, after running up and down stairs for about three quarters of an hour, I found that this read papers, have been transferred to the Section on Sanitary Science some illustrations on"The Occurrence of Epithelial Tumors in (Dr. Crushed in making a coupling and during the course of the healing a portion of the middle-finger metacarpal bone became infected and necrosed. She complains chiefly of emaciation, thirst, dryness of the mouth and throat, and great weakness. The nearest parallel that I know of to this case is that of Hartman (

Where many feared to work with us because of the supposedly unfavorable publicity it would bring, these others forgot themselves in the desire to be of service to their communities. But since October i, last, he has, on violent exercise (such as running, sawing wood, throwing hay from mow, etc.) had a rash, very red, which itches intensely, almost making him frantic. The reparative process is materially relief of pain nothing is better than glycerine. The gelatino-chloride, or printingout, paper, as it is called, is made by several makers. It has been agreed to make the disease a notifiable one, and to appoint will consist in visiting the notified patients at their homes, investigating the circumstances under which the disease has been contracted, and the conditions and arrangements of the infected houses.

He studied at the the next two years as an intern at the Pennsylvania Hospital, during which time he prepared the first of many published papers:

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