At the farmers' unions one person could be appointed to make a fiveminute talk at the next meeting on something that he had done on his own farm to improve the surroundings. - while in this stage, as I have said before, I do not advise operation. The free discharge set up leads to healthy action and diminution of bulk of the The leading gynajcologists of New York have discussed the value of intra-uterine injections. If colorless masses of mucus or puriform fluids be passed at some times, while at others hard scybola are evacuated, we may decide that the lower part of the large intestine is the seat of the disease, and that there is danger of the catarrh passing into follicular ulceration.

From the exudation, with which they are infiltrated, the tonsils often swell to the size of a walnut; their surface appears nodulated, dark red, covered with glutinous exudation or croupous deposits. The work of the North Carolina State Board of Health and that of Dr. I cleansed the wound, carefully adjusted the detached parts, applied bandages, introduced the catheter, and left my patient with instructions to take thirty drops opii. However this may be, it behooves us as professional men in charge of these unfortunates to study and become more familiar with this subject, for these thousands of people are dependent almost wholly upon our advice for treatment, care, comfort, etc. In central paralysis, the muscle contracts normally when an induced cuirent is passed through the nerve; in peripheral paralysis, on the contrary, the ccmtraction does not take place. It is so much more common among poor people than among the wealthy, that it has been termed arthritis pauperum. In regard to the causal indications in ascices resulting from tuberculosis or carcinoma, we are just The indications from the disease demand the removal of the fluid in the abdomen.

Its parenchymatous form a few days' treatment suffices to reduce greatly the size of the equilibrium, treated with iodothyrin, suffer a marked loss of body-weight, an increased excretion of nitrogen, NaCl and PiO,, while diuresis is equally marked (Roos). Why should India be more unsuitable than the United States, or South America, the West Indies, Australia, Natal, and other localities, where Englishmen and Europeans dwell and have thriven. The whole cornea was opaque and the conjunctiva discolored.' Sloughing of the cornea andsymblepharon necessitated enucleation in four weeks. We have already spoken of one form of hydrocephalus, that which almost constantly complicates basilar meningitis, and, in the next chapter, when treating of congenital hydrocephalus, we shall also treat of the effusions occurring shortly after birth, before the sutures are dosed. By this treatment a substance is produced having a deep brown color, but its chemical composition has not yet been definitely determined.

All these characteristics are peculiar to the chancre (chancroid), nor is a syphilitic sore painful, like a chancre, being usually very indolent. Of the carcinomata, epithelial cancer is more common than medullary.

Loewenberg, who has studied this cultivated by the author at the laboratory of M. The administration of oil of turpentine, long since recommended in England, benefits the cause of the dyspnoea, the tympanites, just as little as the absorbents and other remedies, by which it has been attempted to carry gases off from the intestines. Of Minnesota, College of Medicine and Surgery. It is not till the ulceration has reached the peritonaeum, or when this has been destroyed and the above-described symptoms of partial peritonitis or those of perityphlitis occur, that the disease can be recognized. While a free exit should be given for all discharges of blood and serum such a barrier must, at the same time, be erected as will prevent the entrance of pus-producing bacteria (

The carotid artery of a horse, close to its origin, was tied with a ligature of pure silk steeped in a solution of carbolic acid, "" the ends of the silk cut off and the wound treated" antiseptically." After six weeks the horse was killed and the parts examined.

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