It appears to be of a peculiar character, and one that has not yet been determined by the chemist That the colour of the blood is not owing to the peroxide of iron which it contalnii. The only complication was two sinuses, through which the silk sutures closing the diaphragm ultimately escaped.

Nitrate of silver, sugar of lead, sulphate of iron, iodine, et cetera, have all lost their reputation for limiting the spread.

Complete recovery followed the operation. Guide pratique pour I'emploi des reraMes Sell melz (Hugo).

Two medical students are attending college, and the Board of Censors have had three examinations for the practioe of medicine, all of whom passed. Passing his finger through this rupture it entered a cavity apparently filled with fluid blood, urine, and broken down tissue. This nana has been given to many parts which compose tha HiBiDK, called ths alaUal arcA, for the pauage frifla ai the npper part of the nipirinr iciatie WUMb; gaini the poiterioi part af the pelrii, Ble Area aecondarj branchei, wboie nmiflcathai an dlatribntad parliralarlr to the OIkIb!, kvah, furniibeil bj the SIh pair of lumbar Ot-iTTiAi.

It ariaei from the Inferior put of ttaa a oaloii and Che lut two euneiform bonea, and ii Inaerted at the inferior put of (he hue of thi lint phalaui of the great toe, uid into the twi teramoid bonoa of the eon-eaponding metalarso Cilangian articulation. The lesions may be due not only to a living virus but also to a toxin formed by it. ) Consideratio medica veris morborunuiue vernalium et medendi rationis isto Smith (E.) Health and disease as influenced by the daily, seasonal, and other cyclical chauges saisons et des heures du jour snr les maladies de I'bomme (E.) De I'influeni e de I'aue et des saisons sur la fiequence zur Zeitder Friili jabr- und llerbst-Tag-nnd Naeliti;l( iclien, the usual forms of summer and autumnal diseases in the United States, and the means of preventing them. Men who are thoroughly familiar with the dangers that come from promiscuous spitting either shut iheir eyes to the fact, or are too selfish about their own personal comfort and careless, as to appearance, to quit it. The work is divided into five parts as follows: Part I, General Immunologic Technique; Part II, Principles of Infection; Part III, Principles of Immunity and Special Immunologic Technique; Part IV, Applied Immunity in the Prophylaxis, Diagnosis, and Treatment of Disease, Specific Therapy; and Part V, Experimental Infection and In Part I is given a detailed and valuable description of the technique used in immunologic work and in this part are included many practical descriptions of technique which are well known in the laboratory but seldom found in text-books upon the subject. It is subject to sudden vicissitudes sf tcBperature, and to eold, piercing winds duifag the winter and rpring.

When an impression is received on a ganglionic cell, its registration directly effects chemical synthesis; when an impression is liberated, its transmission indirectly does conversion of a reflex movement of withdrawing the hand from a candle by of the burning sensation acuuired on a previous occasion, and itself revived by a The smaller the amount of force-material stored up from the blood under the influence of the centripetal Significance stimulus, the Smaller can be the amount of work of fatigue, evolvcd in the centrifugal direction in a given unit of time. To avoid unfortunate results, white gangrene, etc., one must proceed with caution. The infrtsion of the leaves is stimulant and anodyne, and is said to have been used, with advantage, flavour, to cover the taste of other medieiiies. Bartholow prescribed glycerine, and said it has decided power to prevent fermentation in the stomach, as has lately been shown. Tbe flrat nineteen of these, according to Gall, are common to man and animals; tbe remaining eight man poaaeaaes exclusively. Patton, in the Southern Clinic, defines homoeopathy thus:"Similia similibus curantur; the minimum dose; the single remedy; proving the action of drugs upon Chicago. The system of training called Banting, and which consisted in the eating of nitrogenous matters and abstinence from fats and from fluids, with a good deal of exercise superadded, was not dangerous; but patients often left out the last part and led sedentary lives.

(A.) The shaft system of sewer ventilation.

Few of us, I take it, are familiar with the manifestations at the time of the lesion, and hence my reason for placing on record a case that I was fortunate enough to observe from the beginning of the attack.

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