The enlargement of the spleen is detected by palpation, as a rule; but in some instances the spleen may be enlarged and yet not be palpable. Before withdrawing the instrument I tried to puncture the pupillarj' obstruction with it, but so tough was the mass that it receded before the point of the knife-needle, and I had to withdraw it without having made an opening in the cataract.

Forbes adds, that some have considered this smell as declaring a communication between the bronchia and pleura; and from a recent case that we witnessed, this circumstance appeared to be confirmed.

The Railroad Administration has its safety department and is cooperating with the medical departments of railroads to improve health We have a few examples of an active interest on the part of state governments in industrial health conditions, but these are the first examples of an active, constructive federal program for introducing industrial hygiene into specific industries. For these the strenuous athletic sports would have been detrimental and in many cases absolutely Therefore, while physical exercise may be a great boon to the employees and may be a favorite prescription for the doctor to give, yet it should never be prescribed without previously examining your patient and selecting the proper type of exercise and the amount These examinations are thorough from head to foot and always include a urinalysis and other laboratory tests when needed. Simultaneous ligation of the right carotid and SUBCLAVIAN arteries FOR ANEURISM OF THE INNOMINATE. - if difficult menstruation is the cause, it is called a chlorosis. With the larger REFERENCE HANDBOOK OF THE MEDICAL SCIENCES.

We have found its repulsion injurious, and indeed so is that of every habitual discharge. See CORTICA'TUS, (from cortex, bark). Have a heavy responsibility to shoulder in respect to drug-addiction. In recovery from other diseases, the principal complaints should be cautiously kept in view. Cerates chiefly differ from plasters in consistence, being a softer kind.of plaster, or harder kind of ointment. This our Frenchmen name troubles children, and pricks their backs like thorns. Among the moderns, it signifies a mixture, containing the various productions of one substance united with each other; e. The object of the paper was to inquire whether or not modern surgical procedure had diminished shock, vvlierein it fails to do so, and to suggest improvement of its defects. When the duct was obstructed by a viscid secretion within its tract; as we know that depletion by blood-letting, changes the mode of action of every secreting surface. A marked aplastic anemia originally develops, showing a decrease in The early cases of TNT sickness present almost a characteristic appearance. Fluctuation at this period was easily detected. The literary references that have been considered are very ample, thirty-two pages of text having been devoted to their enumeration in the final chapter. I am inclined to believe, that diabetes is a functional affection of the kidneys, produced by circumstances which rarely exist, otherwise the disease would be of far more frequent occurrence; and that we may look for that combination to the functions of the stomach, and other organs connected with digestion, and also to those of the lungs; and if this be admitted, there can be no difficulty in perceiving that the constitution of the blood must suffer some alteration, and that the functions of the nervous system must likewise be considerably necessarily be unfavourable. Hoffmeyer had confirmed statements made There had been some reaction from Crede's method of should be reserved for cases in which the placenta did not the cavity, its expulsion being prevented, perhaps, by a narrow line of contraction in the neck. The HEARTBURN, or rather a pain and uneasiness at the upper orifice of the stomach; about the upper orifice of that organ, and cardiogmus. Naval Hospital, Mare Island, Cal., and proceed home. In synovitis from infection from contiguous parts, the opening of the joint is indicated, and at the same timethe cause of the infection should be removed, if possible.

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