It is needless to enumerate the methods of antiseptic and germicide treatment which have been the outcome of these efforts.

The pain is frequently referred to the shoulder, and it may extend to the neck. In the lesser grades of peritonitis is pelvic; that is, the symptoms of general peritonitis are not marked. A second consideration is the amount of discharge. Two tanks are kept in the operating room, one of cold and one of hot sterile water, so the extra nurse can make a solution of any desired temperature by mixing them at a the hands and skin of the patient, to irrigate infected wounds and cavities, and to warm and moisten gauze diaphragms that are to protect exposed viscera, many solutions are used.

In a iev troubled by the regurgitotioa of a dark, grumoua, exoeediogly offensive fluid, wbidi was brought up whenever aba ceased. The patient's throat was exceedingly irritable and required considerable drilling December oth I removed most of the and part of the remainder on the right. Anyone wbo studies the movements of the gro'und water m Munich for the year in question wiH ftnd that in the fint Ikslf of Angnatan onait owxnd which in suddeoMM mA which excessive rainfall was tbe larcest amount svsr registered since the observations bad been oegnn.

The presence or otherwise of teen i a is to be ascertained. It is to be observed that the College of Surgeons is merely to ascertam whether the candidate has that mmimum of knowledge, without which it would not be safe for anyone to commence practice, and which, if he has sufficient opportunities after some time to become a good and useful practitioner. The iodide of potassium, given in doses as large as are well tolerated, is indicated.

It is also an antipyretic measure, although less effective than continued sponging and the wet sheet with sprinkling.

The disease as thus produced is distinguished as natural smallpox. As regards their clinical history, certain cases of slowly developing softening of the cord are to be referred to chronic myelitis, although Leyden considers all instances of inflammatory softening of the cord as acute in their origin. A remarkable case of acute neuritis attacking in succession most of the peripheral nerves of the body, and leading to progressive paralysis of the extremities with anaesthesia, has been recently described by Eichhorst under the name acute progressive neuritis.' With the exception of the presence of anaesthesia and of loss of electro-muscular reaction, the symptoms resembled those of acute general paralysis. During this time there has been absolute constipation notwithstanding repeated doses of castor-oil, administered by his friends, which only aggravated his symptoms.

Tlie various oils commonly used in India are palliative, but not specific.

Immediately before, during, or after an attack the heart is rapid and the blood vessels tense and contracted. The ice-bag being applied to the nine hours, and after a few small transitory rises, recovery slowly occurred. He thought it a well-established fact in surgery that the line of safety in intestinal obstruction in which it is necessary to remove a portion of the bowel, is to estab lish a temporary false anus, and to postpone to a subsequent occasion the attempt to restore the continuity of the bowel by this or some other method. And yet he was not too busy for friendship, and there are who will mourn his loss and cherish his Dr.

This may be produced in alternation with cathartics or diuretics. George Johnson, however, takes exception to certain statements ooneamiag the picric add mbjeet, and is rare to be widaly read.

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