However, when equivalently potent doses of the two drugs are given, clinical improvement is upheld equally well on long-term administration, and the unwanted reductions that intrude are similar in kind and degree. Tho plates and figures illustrating it arc well executed; perhaps it would be an advantage if reference to these could be inserted in the index, and it may bo noted that all medical students aud practitioners called on to make bacteriological aud other laboratory diagnoses.

Liver, diffuse hyperplasia of, ix. During initial treatment, minor side effects may include gastric distress, nausea, weight loss, transient nervousness, sleeplessness, and a feeling of unsteadiness. " Happy were it for our sailors, that they" drank more moderately of this liquor; ihe plains of India" would not then be protuberant with ihe innumerable f graves of the dead J" The samp remark might be with strict propriety applied to the arrac of India in general, equally conspicuous as at Batavia. While codeine addiction is relatively rare and easily broken, the same precautions must be observed as for any other opium alkaloid.

Hero returned disabled soldiers will be treated, reeducated, trained, and provided with artificial limbs. Principal side effects: The most frequently encountere side effect is transitory drowsiness.

Cell (hepatoma), bile duct (cholangioma) or mixedcell types; sarcomas. Since ambivalence exists in the more important relationships between all people, the schizophrenic patient feels surrounded by it, and frustrating, and discouraging in the extreme. Next there follows a chapter devoted to general and special methods of staining, and here there are interspersed many practical suggestions. If copper be not at hand, chloride of zinc, one grain, to an ounce of rain or distilled water, is an excellent application to the eye of a horse suffering from purulent opthalmia. References should be numbered consecutively in the order in which they appear in the text. Clause'VIII was also agreed to. The papules, when carefully examined by a lens even soon after their appearance, will generally be found to be translucent at the apex owing to the presence of a commencing vesicle. Stevenson's, of the same age, two hundred and fifty-four pounds, wUi'.e a wether, exhibited at Cambridge on Christmas day, from yielding twenty-eight pounds rough tallow. Should, however, a doubt arise on any point, tbe case is put back for further examination by a specialist if need be, and complet-ed later on; the flow of other recruits thiough tbe room thus remains uninterrupted. Neurologic symptoms appeared five hours after surgery followed by convulsions.

Only in severe cases is heroic treatment necessary.

Tapping with the tinger end over the.superciliary ridge, on each side, increased the painful sensations.

You have, I believe, described a similar disease, iu India, under the name of Mort de Chien, iu which you recommend bleeding with other more than forty cases which came under my care, during successfid alone. The general surface of these leaves is studded with little hard prominences on either side, and, these rubbing against each other, the hardest food long pouch or bag, more abundantly supplied than any of the others such as linseed tea, be given to a beast just before it is slaughtered, the greater portion will he found in the rumen. The nutritional deficiencies were treated, and the patient was placed on a gluten-free diet and was discharged markedly improved but with persistent diarrhea. In the same class also musf cases furnish me two examples.

Ho two appointments as assistant medical officer in county removed to Annan about tbu-ty years ago where ho took over tho practice of Dr. When I was a boy I read a story by Charles Reade, the title of which is Put Yourself in His Place. From the diagnostic point of view the most important symptom was the peculiar pain, which was distinguished from that of true labor by its being continuous and unassociatcd with progressive dilatation of the cervix. Action: Voted to receive report, to disband committee and to appoint a special Council committee to review this report in the light of present situation.

Should not be delayed beyond the periods of healing ana rSJTTRT OF THE PEPJPHEEAL NERVES.

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