Initially most of the patients had difficulty controlling gas and liquid stool. We want every physician interested In treatment by inhalation to read our booldet, which is sent and money back If not satisfied.

His health remained good until about fourteen years ago, or twenty-four years after the accident, when his voice became husky and a chronic cough developed, with emaciation and prostration, leading him to beheve that he had consumption. In the former an edema about the neck, ear, or hardness of jugular veins. Constipation is an outstanding symptom.

Pus, mucus, and blood passed in this way, first by the catheter, and after the free opening into the pharynx, was expectorated as if from an abscess; after some weeks of treatment all evidence of any foreign body was removed, the hearing improved, but the noises did not altogether disappear.

We found out the doctors from the ronntry and he had carried out about the treatment I had advised, except he had applied a bandage, which T had removed after I considered the union firm enough to sustain the arm.

Its success, in contrast with the action of some our most reliable hypnotics, was a grateful surprise to me, and I shall consider it a sheet anchor in such cases in future. Peridiverticulitis with narrowing of the lumen of the intestine and The exact incidence of diverticulitis in cases The symptoms of diverticulitis may vary considerably according to the stage of the disease of the specific complication encountered in the individual patient. There are only two varieties, and these are based upon the morbid anatomy of the disease. Tlie spasm at the neck of the bladder was then terrific, and would occur as often as every ten minutes.

Put the rest of the grated cheese on the top covering with bread crumbs.

I have seen a case cured by the removal of coffee from the diet, the grand mal seizures being beyond doubt due to caflfein poisoning, and I might go on citing various causes, which demonstrate to my satisfaction that the hunting for a serum or specific is equivalent to hunting for the proverbial needle.

Moreover, women had a greater faculty of concealment than men. The symptoms now manifest are a weak and rapid pulse, mental disturbance, congestion of the liver and jaundice, general nervous stasis, gastro-duodenal catarrh, increase in temperature, profuse sweating, albuminuria, due to congestion of the kidneys, and, in severe cases, threatening symptoms of a failing circulation.

When the autopsy was made it was found that the left kidney was enlarged and far advanced in tuberculous nephritis. The mechanical view of a high capillary pressure and filtration must and will drawing false analogies between soap bubble films and capillary walls.

Thus, I satisfied myself that, with few exceptions, the tears in the fossa navicularis, on the labia, through the SO-CALLED LACERATION OF THE PERINEUM. In some cases acetate ofTpotash After a warm boracic enema, the piles are extruded at stool. It is absorbed slowly, and causes coaptation of the large serous surface, producing complete fixation and rest healing.

Wasting of the musculature in the hand and diminished sensibility along the inner border of the forearm to the wrist renders the diagnosis more certain.

Opticnerve atrophy is often the first intimation of locomotor ataxy.

From Tirourda one can proceed to Bougie, a charmingly situated seaport from which one reaches the famous Gorges du Chabet-elAkhra; also the intensely picturesque corniche road to Djidjelli. Now, although Roux and Yersin have attempted to popularize the method, and have urged its general adoption by medical practitioners. The illustrations are liberal and effective, and considerable reference is made to the most recent investigational concepts. Some case of a man who suffered from well-maked idiopathic tetanus arising from exposure to cold.