Great as is the intolerance of light in this malady, the patient should not, generally, be indulged in the luxury of a room made entirely dark; for the susceptibility is thereby augmented, and the powers of the constitution still farther impaired.

If there has been sufficient bleeding during the operation to necessitate packing the prostatic cavity, a continuous irrigation of silver nitrate to the minute), through the catheter may be instituted. But not so with respect to the sense of hearing, which is always more or less impaired by the mechanical obstruction of the tumor, and most commonly is irretrievably lost by the ulceration of the surrounding parts and the destruction of the membrana tympani, and the consequent loss of the ossicula auditus. It may be combined with bismuth, calomel, ipecac, or any other agent that may be indicated. Knapp said that in abscess of the brain there was usually a small interval of healthy tissue between the disease of the ear and the abscess, which was very difiicult to explain. In asthenic states and as an antipyretic acetanilid should preferably be avoided, as the risk, even from moderate doses, seems distinctly greater in these cases.

It has not been found in the blood.

The urine contained albumen and oil-granules for four years before her death. In this the are taken which, when examined in a stereoscope, give the sense of distance and proportion. It is well also to note that tabes will cause retention by involvement of the posterior column. Braunstein, discussing the blood findngs, stated the possibilities were primary aplastic anema and aleukemic leukemia, with the latter as the most probable diagnosis, substantiated by the age of the patient and other concurrent We all have observed that typhoid fever is no longer a prevalent disease; recent statistics showing a very definite decrease in morbidity and mortality of typhoid in the larger cities. Iler head was very hot and the temporal arteries and moving from one side of the bed to the other. I also very confidently excluded cancer, placed her upon iron, valerian and quinine, and in a few days returned and passed an instrument down her throat.

As time went on, however, and more and more doctors were called to the colors, it was found that the situation did not become so stringent as had been anticipated. As it gives a disagreeable taste to the mixture (already disagreeable enough to the young patient), I would omit it from the prescription unless you consider that the patient really requires it. It is necessary, however, to use large and repeated doses of the drug and a modicum of intelligence. PROFESSOR OF DERMATOLOGY IN THE TJNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA; PHYSICIAN TO THE PHILADELPHIA DISPENSARY FOR SKIN DISEASES.

While the primary purpose is to make the ear liondangerous, we still do like to secure dryness after the radical operation. Two more patients regained complete voluntary movements, but there remained shortening of one inch in the leg and one inch in the upper extremity. The derivation of which there was an element of discomfort on the part of the sufferer. From that time fhe revived, and in the courfe of a few days recovered. This I propose to do, by first showing what homoeopathy was, as taught bv Hahnemann, with the scientific objections thereto; and secondly, what homoeopathy is now. Doctor Thomson said he did not know whether any other factor entered into this boy's stuttering, but as it was invariably corrected by proper glasses, he assumed there was The second patient was a cousin of the other, and stammered very badly, and he was only partially relieved of this by correction of his visual error, of hypermetropic astigmatism. In the remaining two it had as potassium citrate or bicarbonate, caffeine citrate, gradually increased to a maximum of six mils, or digitalis either in the infusion or as digitoxin. Expectoration was small in amount and not especially characteristic of serious lung trouble, but night-sweats also were observed.

The Russian test, which consists in having the patient hold the breath as long a time as possible, has long been used empirically for estimating cardiac function. Operative measures enabled me to see the exact condition, and to remove the tuberculous tissue. Enlarged glands, which are quite common, may be confounded with enlargement of the lateral lobe, but the history, the hardness of the swelling, its tendency to suppurate, the presence of the strumous diathesis, and existence of similar enlargements elsewhere, are to decide from the carotid artery, but lacks expansive pulsation (unless of the purely vascular variety), and rarely has any hruit; also is irreducible l)y pressure, and generally is found to have its point of attachment nearer the median line than an aneurism! I call attention here to the fact that, if blood be drawn by the exploring trocar, it does not decide in favor of aneurism, since in many cases of cystic degeneration there is a tendency to hoemorrhage into the cyst.

The liver or the stomach may show pathological or anatomical defects which may have no bearing whatsoever on the patient's symptom complex. It matters not what he prescribes, if called medicine it is taken in full faith that it will etTect a cure. I have already spoken of raw cotton as an American remedy in burns, but recent wounds; it is said to protect them from the contact of the poisonous particles which are assumed as everywhere floating in the air as dust.