Samuel Dixon in his capacity as the head of our health department. I shall, therefore, base my remarks upon those conditions which may present the symptoms of pyloric stenosis occurring within the region extending from a circular line in tiie stomach an inch or two from the pylorus to a transverse line in the duodenum passing through the papilla of Vater. If such medication is a necessity it ought to exist, but it ought to be placed on an equal footing with other necessities, sugar, for instance. THE EFFECTS OF VARIOUS METABOLITE ANALOGS UPON THE PROLIFERATION OF EHRLICH MOUSE ASCITES CARCINOMA CELLS AND UPON THE INCORPORATION OF LABELED PRECURSORS INTO R I BONUCLE I C-AC I D ON THE PREDACEOUS HABITS OF A HI STER ID, SAPRI NUS-SPECIOSUS- ER ICHSON, FEEDING ON MAGGOTS OF MEDICALLY THE SPATIAL DISTRIBUTION OF COCOONS OF CARTOGRAPHIC ANALYSIS OF COCOON DISTRIBUTION, WITH SPECIAL POULTRY LOSSES IN VARIOUS COUNTRIES CAUSED BY SANITARY AND FOOD ANO WATER FOR ASCARIDIOSIS AND HETERAK I DOS I S IN POULTRY SPECIFIC PROPHYLAXIS EXPERIENCE IN INFECTIOUS L AR YNGOTR ACHEIT I S TUBERCULOSIS IN POULTRY AND THE HYGIENE OF FOOD PRODUCTS. In liis untiring effort to explore that field and initiate methods in modifying surgery, he tried a vast number of experiments allied to but dilTerent from Pasteur's. His name is still in the pages of operative siu-gery. It was not displaced; it crossed the summit of the humerus in the usual situation and direction. Delivery was now rapidly and easily accomplished in the following order: chest, left posterior arm, left anterior arm, right anterior arm, and right posterior"arm, right head, left head, both occiputs posterior. There is no power of abduction or adduction of fingers, and the interossei muscles give no response to the galvanic or faradic currents applied directly or over motor points. Mercury, arsenic, and other potent drugs may, according to circumstances, act as caustic agents and destroy tissues, or they may act as tonics and favor physiologic changes. The surgeon will be allowed to bill for additional indicated procedures separately. It is a uterine and ovarian sedative of unsurpassed value and is especially serviceable in the treatment of congestive and inflammatory conditions of these organs.

Macintyre then read a paper on Electricity, of which made manifest in the form of heat, light, and chemical action; a state of motion), used in form of chemical batteries, Comparison of floiv of water and current. LARVAE OF DIPTERA AND HYMENOPTERA PARASITIZING NYMPHS AND ADULTS IN THE LARVAE OF THE TOBACCO BUDWORM HEL IOTH I S-V I RESCENS-F. The Council of the Association, in response to an invitation from Canadian delegates, decided Toronto considered that out city was highly honored by the decision of the Council; but we accepted all the responsibilities thereof with a certain amount of diffidence, to some extent accentuated by the success of the Montreal meeting. Nor can the basement membrane of glandular elements, such as that in cellular in origin, and more akin to the membrana reticularis, and the tectorial membrane. Not only offers the best known method of continuously applying moist heat of equable temperature for a long period, with the advantages attendant upon its physical properties, hygroscopy, exosmosis and endosmosis, but it offers the pneumonic patient exactly what he absolutely requires - EASE and REST. A substantial increase in public resources committed to this work will be required if we are to develop the knowledge needed to improve medical practice and to slow the growth of health Several examples will illustrate how clinical effectiveness research can provide the knowledge needed to improve medical practice. If an ulcer conduces to the patient's health, from whatever caufeit proceeds, it ought not to be healed; but if, on the contrary, it waftes the ftrength, and confumes the patient by a flow: We recommend a ftricl attention to thefe particulars, to all who have the misfortune to labour under this difordcr, particularly perfons in the decline of life; as often people throw away their lives by the want of it, while they were extolling, and generoufly rewarding thofe, whom they ought to have looked upon as tlieir The moft proper regimen for promoting the cure of ulcers, is to and' to iefien the ufu ul quantity of flelh-meat.

Lefort's, whilst at the same time it possesses certain advantages over it. The Medicare risk contracting program should periodically measure beneficiary satisfaction with the accessibility and quality of patient care.

Broadbent gives an affirmative answer to all separate wards, but not separate buildings. About three-quarters of an inch of the extremity of the acromion had altogether disappeared, and a broad, thick, concave plate of bone passed downwards from the shortened process, and became perfectly continuous with the upper and outer part of the margin of the glenoid cavity, which thus appeared as if a coracoid process had sprung from its external side. Two of these have been symptomatically well for three years. It could not come to the place due it and offend no one. DiUer demonstrates the fact, which must be recognized, that a most deplorable condition environs the inebriate. COLLAGENASE ACTIVITY OF IMMATURE FA SC I OLA-HEP AT I C A. It is an unfavourable fymptom when clyfters fo obftinately (hut, that they cannot be injeded.

The authors think that many of the fatalities must have been avoidable, and insist on the importance of due preparation of the patient, special care in the selection and use of the anesthetic, and greater attention to the after-care: He procured a number of dogs, and most of them he submitted to protective on the arrival of a dog with rabies in the most marked form, immediately after its death he inoculated all the dogs with substance directly from its spinal cord.

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