This passage of toxin with the urine has given rise to the idea that an increase of diuresis might assist in the elimination of the poisonous material from the system; I am not aware, however, that the idea has been carried into practice. After these first observations, the party retired into an adjacent room, leaving one person only to watch the patient, so as to give the others notice when the miracle manifested itself. Vesical irritability is common to both conditions, but the lumbar pain of calculus is usually of a duller, much more persistent character, is aggravated by motion, and is associated with attacks of renal colic in which the pain is agonizing and radiates into the lower genitalia and into the thigh. Children may do well for the first six months upon milk and barley water aloue without any change; bnt often they require more variety in their food: in all cases where the digestion is ditiicult, and has to be humoured, variety in the diet is too important a stimulus to be neglected.

In its usual action the phrenic is a pure organic nerve, the moment of his birth; it is identified with the continuance of life; and the continued contraction and relaxation of the diaphragm, the main agent in the discharge of this principle is extinct. The aphasias themselves are each of which is again variously subdivided, giving us a grand total of twenty-eight varieties of aphasia. Yet If the spine IS fractured and the cord crushed the sweating produced by pilocarpine is very deficient below the seat of fracture gland, which cures myxoedema, a disease which is produced by a antipyretics in fevers, and the various antitoxins, all of which will be considered in detail later. Before this, or along with it, it will have been allowable to extend the scale of meats as follows: broiled mutton and lamb, broiled game, broiled chicken, broiled codfish, broiled and baked fish free from fat, a soft-boiled egg, etc. Bullte, small or large, are frequently seen; at first they are well formed and contain turbid serum, but in a few hours they burst, leaving yellowish white, membranous-looking patches which persist some days. As seen in the protoplasm of the epithelial cells of the growing edge, say connected by fine delicate rays with the periphery. Berkeley Hill.) health had been good, but that since then she never been well.

Locally, various septic and suppurative lesions of the buccal mucous membrane, teeth, and tonsils, recurring at intervals, are Souwers in The New York and Philadelphia Medical of the teeth, making mastication uncomfortable, accompanied by some soreness of the gums, is frequently referred to the catching of slight colds, or to the stomach being out of order. Efforts to restrain the epileptic from disrobing while in the automatic state of the fit often entail antisocial reactions wherein the greatest violence is shown; therefore the relief from disagreeable conditions and the abreactions from them play the greatest motivation in the acts of the epileptic in the fit. This can, as a rnle, be effected with the siphon medicine alone, but in some cases when the constipation is troublesome it is advisable to give a mild cathartic at bedtime and follow this with the siphon medicine in the morning. The joint remained in much the same condition, Mr:

In the differential diagnosis of mediastinal and lung conditions the value of the.r-ray is unquestionable, but this phase of the subject will not be dealt with here. Tapping the membr.anous urethra leaves us in the position of having the obstructing prostate behind the opening. Dry and warm inland climates may likewise be recommended, especially where high elevations and sea-voyages are not suitable. His schedule was not unduly week and only about six operations I had to catch my breath. Another property of the drug was its freedom from Tubereular Peritonitis. Hence it has happened again and again that cholera has proved the touchstone to the sanitary deficiencies of towns and districts, leaving unharmed those Avith pure wafer, and ravaging those whose water-supply was open to defilement. We here meet with an obesity of young persons which seems to tliat the appellation" polysarcia" should be reserverl for the most a large quantity of food, insufficient exercise, and consequently insufficient elimination, the taking of too large quantities of wine and other alcoholic liquors, especially beer, and too much sleep.

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