He did not regard subsidence of joint swelling and cessation of pain as an indication of more than partial cure. Five Hamlin, H., Lieutenant (MC), USNR (Neurological Observations on Immersion History; American Society of Physical Anthropologists.

Cases recovery, provided the heart be not injured. The celebrated THE AMERICAN PRACTITIONER AND NEWS. Mansuy was quite willing to assume the responsiblity involved in the birth of a child, but Miss Thompson would not see it in that way, and the surgical operation was arranged for and the fees fixed in Dr:

The most important part of the treatment is hygienic. Prior to operation there were no signs of meningeal trouble, and yet within fortyeight hours after the operation on the labyrinth the woman developed acute meningitis, which, in spite of prompt and very free drainage, proved fatal. The dogmatist builds his system upon the greatest possible number of particulars; the methodist erects his inverted pyramid upon a single proposition.

This patient is able to speak plainly in a sort of whispering voice. Patients rarely complain of wearing it and have uniformly been very grateful for the results SOME RECENT ADVANCES IN THERAPEUTICS fonamides has overshadowed a group of chemical agents entirely new and unrelated. And has given the acid in ten-grain and rapidly, and, as would he BUppOSed, ho racio acid is useful internally in cystitis, espe THE AMERICAN PRACTITIONER AND NEWS. Vomiting, in most cases, is an early, and sometimes a prominent symptom. Ordered, That the account of Dr.

Toward the end of October and beginning of November new symptoms appeared, presenting an appearance which would justify the diagnosis of cancer. Tion it was found that the weight could be materially reduced by ment to one-half inch; and by reducing the outside diameter of sleeves steel band will be heavy enough for the carrying arm. Until recent times men were inclined to be fatalists in regard to matters of life, health, sickness, and death. If this is accepted, the corrected mortality rate becomes zero. Then too, from the "" character of their attacks, they require the utmost care and the closest surveillance. However, before this hazard can be overcome, it must be generally recognized that floor dust plays an important scribed a hospital epidemic caused by hemolytic streptococcus, type It seemed that the probable mode of spread was by air-borne dust particles these patients had a striking capacity to colonize on the mucous membranes and dermis of both children and nurses. The best known work on this subject is by Maisch.

Drop, corneal anesthesia lasting three to four irritation was complained of and a feeling of burning and heat. The organization of the medical'fhe Medical Society of the State of West papers and to send titles to the Secretary, can be completed. Delthil, by the alleged success oi hi- fumigation treatment, appeared to have been the first to draw attention to the use of turpentine in this disease.

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