No pain; inches up, barely admitted the finger; very slightly movable; extended five and one half inches. The face is free, but she has a few in the borders of the hair, some of the larger ones have partially healed leaving segmented or complete circles. Grove's paper would help very much to place the facts relating to the island more completely before the general body of the profession. Union is then hastened by plastic adhesion of opposing edges by means of the serous exudate. To meet such requirements, some of the general hospitals in Dublin instituted special ophthalmic departments, appointed special ophthalmic surgeons to take charge of them, and charged a fee and gave a special certificate, of more or less value, as the case might be, without charging a special fee. The internal treatment had been iodide of potassium with salicylate of soda, five grains of each, three times a day. The lower forelimb (the one to be operated upon) is also taken from its hobble, and the bar hobble applied to it and the shin of the hind limb. A good deal of hemorrhage took place from the bone and the walls of the abscess. After a few years, he removed to Gower Street, where he carried on one of the largest general practices in the neighbourhood: A term applied to the phenomenon by which blood is attracted into parts which.are capable of erection, and arc, at the same time, in a state of excitement. We have discussed that type of subacute or chronic poisoning known as delirium tremens; noted the extreme variability in its various aspects, and I have tried to show that in the analysis of this type of alcoholic delirium we may find many practical suggestions as to how to study other mental disturbances.

Woody Nightshade, or Bitter-sweet, an indigenous plant.

Salva Mercade concludes his review of the untoward effects of various surgical antiseptics features of which we have already referred, with a consideration of the occasional drawbacks in the use of hydrogen dioxide, boric acid, camphorated naphthol, bismuth subnitrate, potassium permanganate, and zinc chloride. Small amount may be sent in postage SECTION OF PATHOLOGY AND MORBID ANATOMV. The use of the Per chloride of Iron in the treatment of Erysipelas has lately been brought again into notice by the publication of a thesis by M. He holds a strong controversy with the doctrines and dogmas of Organic Chemistry,"as applied to Physiology, Pathology, and Therapeutics," as also with every attempt to account for, or explain, any of the phenomena of life, the fundamental laivs of the living economy. And ulna, as well as all the carpal and metacarpal bones. Nevertheless the owing to an increase in the proportion of urea and salts, the affected with cough, which had become harsh, loud and husky, and attended with scanty, difficult expectoration of clear and which he had any pectoral complaint in the hospital.

Men banded together in groups produce group interests, which override individual interests and are in definite antagonism, open or concealed, to other interests. The articles were a chemise and a cloth; the latter I wore for a certain object. The formation of a false passage, which, in the most experienced hands, Avill inevitably sometimes occur from the use of caustic bougies, has never resulted in any case Avhere I have employed the instruments. They have two to a regiment to do those duties which the regimental commanders require of them, and besides what they do themselves to see that the other men perform those details of work which belong to the practice of veterinary medicine.

Palsy; a total or partial loss of sensibility or motion, or of both, in one or more parts of the body. Eight months afterward four of the six were destroyed, and in all miliary tubercles were found in the various forms characteristic of glanders, but sterile. Its name is derived from its pearly lustre. They present a very peculiar The fingers and toes are all united to the ends by the The fingers will be divided at as early a period as the strength of the child will admit of it, but the toes will and as this plant is a favorite remedy with me, it gives me pleasure to let you know some of the most striking results of its medicinal power. When from five to ten centigrammes were injected, the animal (rabbit) rapidly dies, with the heart in diastole. In this case, says Sir James Simpson, there was an illusion of touch as well as of sight. He encouraged, rather than otherwise, the prolapse of the iris into the staphylomatous bulging. Build a double fence, the inside being of high, tight boards, and the outer, at a few feet distant, of wire that will keep stock away. No one had hitherto contested the existence of an unbroken histological seriesof gradations between theordinarysweat-glandsand the glands surrounding the anus, the glands of the axilla, and the wax-glands of the ear; and that the latter, and the former intermittingly, poured out a secretion containing mucus, fat, or pigment. Thus," Plasma -Hydrargyri" is made by mixing fourteen drachms of Starch with six fluid drachms of Glycerine, adding twelve ounces of Mercury, and stirring till the globules disappear; then add eleven and one-fourth ounces of terbasic Nitrate of Mercury with one ounce of the simple Plasma.

From the Naval Recruiting Station, Minneapolis, Minn.; ordered to Washington, D.

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