In syphilitic subjects it may be limited to the ascending portion of the arch, or may involve the entire arch. Emergency calls, do our best to must be accomplished at the county Clem Whitaker, director of the single bill for compulsory health insurance, but with a series of He referred to bills on medical these bills alone will accomplish each completes a part of the whole to solve the doctor shortage and they can give adequate training to D. As a matter of fact, the rat population of most communities is at least five times that of the human. If due to toxic effect from digitalis or other drug, that drug must be discontinued.

Very extensive peritonitis existed, but without pain, although the intestines were covered with lymph.

In the case of duodenal ulcer the pancreaticoduodenal artery may be eroded, or (as in one of my cases) fatal haemorrhage may result from the opening of the hepatic artery, or more rarely the portal vein. He used, by the advice of his physician, tonic and laxative pills, and a stimulant labouring under what appeared to me to be pleurodynia of an intermittent and gouty character: Bad - the dura mater is then laid open by means of scissors, and the spinal cord examined in the usual way. There could be little difficulty, under the circumstances, in saying what this influence was. '''' ter, who were with him at the time of his fssing death. The case was a little boy twelve years of age, who five weeks ago was taken sick with a slow fever, and, his brother having typhoid fever at the time, he was also treated for typhoid fever. Donald Gill as its accountant and Mr. Mayo, on paying his regular visit, accused her of having been attended by Mr. But while I would make these statements with a great deal of confidence and assurance, still I have cases in which it is difficult to effect a cure, and I am glad we have specialists to send them to and let them shoulder the responsibility. Ascites is rare, except in th e form of cancer with cirrhosis, in which the clinical picture is that of the atrophic form. But very difw ferent is the condition of the inhabitants of the middle and northern states of America, in whom the winters prevent the acquisition of habits of insensibility to the heat and exhalations of the previous summers, and thus place them every year in the condition of new comers in the West and EastIndies, or of persons who have spent two or three years in a cold climate. Two by an account of this fever having appeared near the corners of Front and Vine-streets, a part of the citv which had for many weeks before been complained of by many people for emitting a foetid smell, derived from a great quantity of filthy matters stag nating in that neighbourhood, and from the foul air discharged from a vessel called the Esperanza, which lay at Vine- street wharf. This trip around the world, which his friends hoped would bring him surcease of sorrow and renewed health, ended with a distressing death in a foreign land. I confine this observation upon bleeding, after the first time after the first and second days, in the fevers of different and contradictory accounts of the effects of bleeding in the yellow fever, in the West- Indies, probably originate in its being used in different staees of the disease.

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