It is'an earnest now of its progress, that the medical dei:)artment, among several alile officers, is receiving that attention which must result in general good. Bartholomew's Hospital KETHLEM HOSPITaL-Two Resident Medical Students. The annual festival of the Harveian Society, an institution which has birthday, and was, as it invariably is, one of the most pleasant and successful of Scottish social medical gatherings. It has the advantage over the latter of simpler technic, shorter method, and easier administration, with less opportunity of infection.

Insomnia in tuberculous patients is an important symptom, and when confronted with it one should not rashly resort to the hypnotics of the pharmacopoeia. Studies of this kind point to the fact that the toxic i)rodacts are probably not of the nature of albumoses.

There were, however, certain points with regard to which he tliought he should be able to grant some of the desired advantages. Facing the sea, somewhat beyond the town, there is a bold, rocky cliff.

He then took some breakfast of toast and butter, and tea, and to my great surprise his pulse became immediately A person, who for many years had had a frequent intermission of his pulse, and occasional palpitation of his heart, was relieved from them both for a time, by taking about four drops of a saturated solution of arsenic three or four times a day for three or four days. Now, how does all this touch us doctors? Very closely, I think. Experiments in this direction in other countries has met with brilliant successes, and the existence of skilful midwives and intelligent nurses has become one of the necessities of our civilization. In mania the task set has but little effect upon the process of association as compared with healthy states. This occurrence, of which there can be no doubt whatsoever, it is important to recognize. After this the bowels moved ea.sily and readily every healed, the patient up and about, and apparently entirelv cured. The statement made by Professor BruckmiiUer of Vienna, and repeated by others, that Virchow at one time regarded the bacteria of splenic fever as blood-crystals, appears to be an enoneous one, founded on a misquotation of an oral communication.

Whenever the compress becomes warm it can be rapidly changed without disturbing the patient's position. Assuming that one death occurs from tuberculous disease in every five individuals above one year of age or that number for every three between fifteen and sixteen years, it would not be strange to find one or more deaths attributable to this cause in average-sized families. This fact, together with the greater quickness of the movements, distinguishes them from athetoid movements.

The cleaning and disinfection are simple, and its cost is only about one-third of that of the aluminum flask. In the acute stage the prognosis as regards life depends upon the extent of the disease with particular relation to the respiratory musculature.

Unremittingly they worked and taught and wrote until finally the tide of criticism gradually ebbed and fell.

It is not only a war of men as individual fighting units, but it is a war of brains and science, of organization and executive ability. Older patients, say from eight to twelve, or fifteen years of age, will bear four or five grains, or even larger doses in the conunencement, and with such it may be more suddenly increased to the maximum doses, without gastric disturbances. I predict that in ten years hence, in this Society, we shall sec a means of preventing these diseases from septicxmous poisonings as dearly as wc now sec the means of pro ducing them, by the introduction of these poisons in the form of inoculated matter in small-pox by vaccination. Heale, and described by the author, was referred to, and several cases moulded by colloids than the substance liillierto treated. Followed by partial loss of recognition of the special colour followed also ich projected into the right ventricle just below the pulmonary v.ahe of this projection, there was a minute perforation. Graham (afterwards Lord Lynedoch), when nearly all the British soldiers were cut to pieces or made prisoners, and Belgium; and Dr. In children gastroenteritis and enterocolitis sometimes create in the subject a favorable soil for the development of tuberculosis.

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